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The Victim : To blame or not to blame ? That is the question Author Course Instructor Date

The Victim : To blame or not to blame ? That is the question

The field of victimology (Cochrane , Melville Marsh , 2004 ) seeks to determine why exactly crimes occur as they do . Victomologists (Cochrane Melville Marsh , 2004 ) see crime as an interaction between two individuals : the criminal and the victim . In the field of victimology the individual who suffers from the crime is just as responsible , or possibly even more accountable for the actions and [banner_entry_middle]

consequences that befall them . This theory , in which the victim allegedly operates in ways that draw criminal ‘s attention , is called victim precipitation (Wolfgang 1958 Cochrane , Melville Marsh , 2004 . The theory suggests that if victims did not present themselves in the ways they do , crimes would not befall them . The victim precipitation theory obviously contains a good deal of controversial issues which include blaming the victim , relieving the criminal from fault and possibly encouraging criminals and perpetrators to continue acting out their aggression . While victim precipitation itself remains hard to prove as a theory , other similar research branching from its study has proven a valuable indicator on how some victim ‘s daily routines put them at higher risks for crime

Victim precipitation contains several aspects of controversy particularly in the manner that such a theory seeks to blame the victim relieve the criminal from fault , as well as encourage criminals to continue their aggressive behavior . Victim precipitation relays that the victims subliminally ask to be assaulted (Cochrane , Melville Marsh 2004 . Some examples would include ideas that women who dress provocatively intentionally look for sexual attention even to the extent of rape . Another example would suggest that individuals who leave their cars unlocked subliminally invite their theft

In relation , such a viewpoint diverts the blame of situations away from perpetrators onto victims . Extreme evidence of this illustrates itself in the following example . A woman who kills her husband out of self defense because he abuses her is still seen as a cold blooded killer and her abusive husband becomes the victim (see Browne , 1987 Ewing , 1986 Karmen , 1991 ,

. 403 . If the laws cannot protect the woman and no one listens to her pleas for help , should she kill herself then rather than defend her life ? Of course there exist alternative options for her however this hypothetical example shows the extreme cases where in the victim will receive all the blame while her husband , the aggressor looks innocent . Less extreme versions , such as the previously mentioned promiscuously dressed women being raped , still takes the blame away from the rapist in the victim precipitation theory . The rapist merely acted in the way they did because the women dress sexually and must therefore want sex in the viewpoint of victim precipitation theories

Lastly , victim precipitation theory contains a great deal of controversy because it seemingly encourages aggressive behavior from perpetrators by telling them they are not entirely at fault . Victim precipitation… [banner_entry_footer]

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