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3 thesis title proposal for masters in Nursing

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How can spirituality in the practice of nursing profession enhance the care given to patients

While spirituality is widely used in alternative medicine today and in some cases careful studies proved their benefits , it has been neglected in the nursing practice . Since the claimed philosophy of practice today is holistic , without the spiritual component the holistic practice will be fragmented

In a study dedicated to spiritual practice in psychiatry the following was sited

Practicing nurses today are continually confronted with issues of cultural and spiritual diversity . Although nurses claim to [banner_entry_middle]

use a holistic approach to patient assessment , the spiritual aspect is often forgotten (Saudia , Kinney , Brown Young-ward ,1991 . Taylor , Amenta and Highfield (1995 ) emphasized that “lack of time , a focus on physical needs , low nurse /patient staffing ratios , and high patient acuity also may interfere with the provision of spiritual care (p .31 . Many of the problems noted by Taylor et al (1995 ) could be decreased , if the spiritual aspect of care were viewed by the administration of psychiatric facilities as essential to the well-being of the client

Despite the fact that primary care replaced team nursing in 1960s , the choice between the two modes needs further research since the practice of the profession has changed considerably with the advances of technology (McRoberts et al , downloaded on 10 October 2006 from http /www .graduateresearch .com /mcroberts .htm

In my research I am going to investigate the feasibility of using spirituality in patient care and identify the best approach to integrating the spiritual practice in the holistic approach to patient care . It will also be one of the objectives of this research to identify the training needs of the nursing staff when spiritual practice is implemented

My methodology for this research will be a move from literature review to empirical research applied in the workplace . It might be necessary to experiment in more than one site . However , this will be decided at the research design stage considering practical issues including number of RNs and LPNs and patients in different wards to be involved in the study . Experimentation will be carried out in different wards using experiment group of patients and control groups who do not receive the spiritual care The patient ‘s perception of the nursing image of professionalism , based on the clothing worn by the nurse

The uniform worn by nurses is intended to play a number of roles Firstly it is an identification for the nurse , not only for the patient but for any member of the public who comes to the hospital . In the UK for example people who need to be in the hospital can easily identify the nurses , the sister , the student nurse etc . from the uniforms style colour etc . The uniform also creates a professional first impression convey trust and credibility . Moreover it has an underlying psychological effect acknowledging that a dress does not have a gender but denotes attributes of feminity , nurturing and caring , akin to nursing . In the same sense , it enhances and… [banner_entry_footer]

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