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A concept summary on the book ` The world is Flat` Thomas L.Friedman

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The World Is Flat

Thomas Friedman ‘s book The World is Flat : A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century is a unique perspective on events and personal analogy that have changed the last decade and a half . Friedman presents an overall summary as to how advancements in information technology (IT , have shaped and molded into a more widely spread globalization trend

He describes in great detail different scenarios and settings , his travel experiences , and the IT world that has uprooted in foreign regions . Although massive amounts of foreign technology are imported [banner_entry_middle]

br to the Arab regions very little of it is internalized or supplanted by Arab innovations (Friedman , 2005 . He also goes on to say that globally the Arab nations have far less technological capability per capita . Friedman includes the economic insight of the effects of what solution to the global instability that has been caused in what he has dubbed `The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention . Under this theory named after the laptop he wrote his book on , he basically states that no two major corporations in the same competitive market are going to start a war against one another . He rationalized this would not happen as long as they are still part of the Friedman acknowledges the works of Karl Marx and his writings and thoughts on capitalism . He also delves into the Marxist philosophy of metaphysics and how it pertains to the inevitable flattening ‘ of mankind

His chapter `The Great Sorting Out ‘ was confusing to the reader Friedman poses issues within the United States , and outside of it , then inadvertently next gives a solution , suggestion , or answer to the he addresses . While constantly `bragging ‘ about how traveled and sociable he is , no explanation other than a story is given . Countries handle problems in different ways and if Friedman bore the knowledge of any customs or laws he was very lax to mention them in the chapter

Friedman uses the aforementioned and underlying issues throughout the book to sustain his thesis of ten major developments that have arisen in a decade and a half . Throughout the text , these ten developments are referred to as flatteners

The Berlin Wall- Flattener No . 1

The Berlin Wall collapsing not only signified a great victory over capitalism but the end of the cold war , and the paving of a new path of a single global market . Shortly after the collapse a new globalization trend began to slowly emerge free trade zones . The emergence of free trade zones has led to further technological advancement , a greater insight into strategic vision on a management or above level , and further advancement and globalization within the IT industry

Universal Information Sharing- Flattener No . 2

The great IT invention of the Netscape internet browser is Friedman ‘s second flattener . Friedman speaks highly of the dramatic increase the invention of Netscape has had on universal information sharing Netscape has spawned other competitors to join in and create further advancements and upgrades due to IT differentia by location and… [banner_entry_footer]

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