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I have been dreaming to have a luxurious house . I want to see the exterior painted with dark green , aqua green , light green and chocolate brown to compliment the environment . The exterior Victorian-moldings are painted with aqua green . I will use roof-tiles for my roofing but are painted with dark green mix with chocolate brown color and the walls will be painted with light green . Since we are now in the computer age I want every part of my house to be computerized so that the tasks would easily [banner_entry_middle]

be done . My dream house would be a five-storey building but looks like a bungalow , a combination of computerized-classic building . Since this is a five-storey building , it should have an elevator and the lights will just turn on and off as I do my hand claps . The first floor will be my receiving area . The entrance door is made of the hardest wood but its doorknob is made of metal which is computerized that can be able to detect the person whether he /she is a robber or not as soon as he /she touches the doorknob . Basically , the theme of the interior design of this area is modern but mix with classical touch . The floor is made of white tiles shaded with green colors . The ceiling is painted with light brown and there are moldings on its corner which are made of wood and its center is an antique chandelier . On the left side of the receiving area will be my antique sofa which on its side is a rare ornamental plant and on the right side will be the memorabilia of the known people in the world . I will also place my favorite artistic arts painted by renowned painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo in every corner and not only that there are also decorative and antique pin lights on its side of the wall

On the second floor will be my amusement and refreshment area . I will have my own bar on the left side of this second floor which can cater one-hundred visitors and has different kinds of expensive and delicious drinks . If the first floor has a bit classical , I will turn this second floor purely modernize . The tables and chairs are made of steel . And there is a button on the top of the table that if someone will push it his /her desired drinks will come out automatically . On the right side will be my favorite restaurants

On the third floor will the visitors bedrooms . This would be fifty bedrooms . The theme of this area is the same as with the first floor modernized but a little bit classy . Each bedroom has its own mini-receiving area , a refreshment corner , a bath and comfort rooms

On the fourth floor will be my own space , the master ‘s bedroom and my own gym . Inside the gym , I will place all together the high-tech equipments for my workouts . The gym has a… [banner_entry_footer]

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