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A Little History of MY FOREST LIFE By Eliza Morrison

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A Little History of My Forest Life ‘ This book is about a Woman , Eliza Morrison , and her life with her husband John on a homestead in northern Wisconsin her travels by boat dog sled , and on foot . This book gives a 19th-century woman ‘s view of the Wisconsin Death March , the Dream Dance , and the Chippewa-Dakota War as well as a personal look at the daily life of a fur trading family Eliza Morrison tells about her family ‘s starving time on their homestead , fur trading , Indian marriage , and burial customs , sign language [banner_entry_middle]

, and making maple sugar . She tells of her life at a time of great change . She is a good storyteller . And she has a sense of what a reader would want to know about her personal life and what it was like to live in a setting in those days

Eliza Morrison ‘s book is in great detail of her and her family ‘s hardships and life . She starts the book as a journal of sorts , writing down all her trials , and thoughts of her life . She continues to go into great detail of that life , including her background . She writes about her father , Robert Morrin who came from , Scotland , and about her mother and siblings

She tells us where and when she was born , 1837 on November third at La Pointe Island , which she states in her book , is now called Madeline Island , one of the Apostle Islands

She states that her uncle was the first in her family to begin trading with the Indians , specifically the Chippewa ‘s . Her uncle told her that the Chippewa ‘s used dogs when they came in to trade . The Chippewa ‘s would not sell dogs , only trade them out as a person needed She tells us that her uncle told her that the Chippewa ‘s would be gone eight months out of a year , and return in the spring to do trading and other business . She was frightened of the Chippewa ‘s , and her family would keep her home , and out of school while the Chippewa ‘s came into town to do business and get payments from the government

Eliza went to school at the Presbyterian Mission along with her brother ‘s and sister ‘s . She only went long enough to learn how to read and write . Then she went with her brother-in-law to Minnesota where he was a preacher . He was a Methodist minister . She didn ‘t stay too long because she became home sick and ended up having to stay with her mother because she was very ill

Eliza ‘s Grandmother was pure Chippewa . Eliza ‘s mother never learned English or French , so Eliza was hardly ever taught those languages as well . She spoke mostly Chippewa , and when she met John Morrison , her husband , she explained to him one day as he was trying to talk with her that she couldn ‘t understand English very well , and if they were going to continue talking , he had to… [banner_entry_footer]

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