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Abnormal Psychology

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Why is it important to have a widely recognized classification system for abnormal behavior

There are different types of abnormal diss and it would be very difficult to identify , treat and study about the dis if it is not classified . A classification system is necessary just as biologists have a system for classifying organisms . The importance of classification systems is to describe the different types of dis , to be able to discuss and communicate the diss to practitioners and the public and for effective intervention and prognosis just like any other disease [banner_entry_middle]

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2 . Describe the five axes of the DSM-IV . What are some of the benefits

and drawbacks of the DSM-IV system of classification

The DSM IV classification system is coded by a multiaxial system , which is made up of five axes . All diagnosis excluding personality diss are in Axis I , personality diss and mental retardation belong to Axis II and Axis III is physical diss and conditions , then Axis IV is the severity of psychosocial environmental problems and last Axis V is the global assessment of functioning , both Axis IV and V are used for treatment and prognosis . The benefits of using the DSM IV in identifying psychological diss is that it is focused on the behaviors of the dis and facilitate the learning of psychopathology . It also allowed the discussion of diagnosis and treatment using a common language that can be understood by a wide range of helping professionals . However the criticism of using DSM IV is that it has mechanistic approach in assessing mental dis it is too focused on the signs and symptoms of the dis without taking account of the individual and it stigmatize behavior that often are socially undesirable than being actually dised

3 . How can people prepare to deal with stressful situations

The best way to prepare for a stressful event is to always practice positive coping strategies in one ‘s daily life . By doing so , a person is on a healthy mental state and is better able to cope during and after a very stressful and traumatic event . Moreover , a person should have and keep a support system that can help in times of life changing events like death in the family and or disasters . Finally , having the right attitude towards life and life ‘s difficulties can prepare someone for any stressful event

4 . What factors heighten the risk for a poor outcome of bereavement in


Death is always a traumatic event and the bereavement process can extend throughout the person ‘s life . People fail to overcome their grief because of their denial of the death and self-blame . Denial is one of the normal reactions towards death but when the person is not able to overcome the denial stage this will adversely affect how he /she continue with their lives . Individuals may also blame their selves for the death and this inwardly makes it difficult for them to accept the death of a loved one or a… [banner_entry_footer]

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