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Graphic Design as a Visual Communication Tool in Business and Public Information Sector


Graphic design is the use and manipulation of visuals and images in to communicate specific messages . It has been expressed in many different forms like magazines and other printed media , websites , films and other videos , signage and even product packages and displays (Graphic Design , 2006

It is already a given note , even without the formality of research , that graphical design has been used by different sectors to their advantage – that it has contributed much to the [banner_entry_middle]

achievement of many different sectors ‘ objectives . To politics , graphic design is a means of disseminating propaganda to businesses , their advertisements to public information , it is a one-move-reach-all ‘ means of delivering information . It has always been an important tool in visual communication because of the speed to which it can be transmitted and the ease to which it can be used and manipulated . The advancement of different sectors can only be the impact of graphic design

This aims to give an overview of the impact of design on different sectors and how it created such impact . The will touch on sectors like graphic design in the business sector and public information Because graphic design is most popularly applied in the business sector through their advertisements and business forms , the most of this will focus in that sector

To effectively discuss the impact of graphic design on such sectors , it is necessary to discuss first important concepts like the communication process , symbols and receiver or generally , human psychology . It is believed that the applications , effectiveness , and thus , the impact of the design are functions of these concepts . In other words , these concepts cannot be separated from graphic design because these are what make the soul ‘ of graphic design

The writer believes that the impact of graphic design on different sectors is already a given knowledge and cannot be explained effectively through direct enumeration of the repercussions of the use of graphic design in different sectors . The writer believes that such can be discussed , only be discussing the how ‘ In effect , the impact of graphic design will be explained through the use of examples and applications , analyzing how its principles integrate with different concepts in communication , symbology and psychology . From the integration of these concepts with graphic design the reader will be able to deduce the impact of graphic design on the different sectors exemplified in this and even on other sectors that are not mentioned . As a corollary of this integration and the exemplifications the reader could also see the effectiveness of graphic design as a visual communication tool , relative to literature and words and realize the psychology behind graphic design as applied to different sectors

The Communication Process

Among the most important aspect in peoples ‘ interpersonal experiences is their ability to communicate effectively . In each person ‘s experience one can easily deduce how important effective communication is especially if one wants to maintain an agreeable relationship… [banner_entry_footer]

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