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The Gilded Coffin of Tjuya : An Ornate Sarcophagus of King Tut ‘s Grandma

Ancient Egyptian art are always beautiful in a magical sense . 3 ,000 or more years ago , their embalmers preserved a noble person or a king ‘s remains for safekeeping because they believed they would need them again in the afterlife . In keeping these remains , they needed ornate vessels where they would place these preserved organs and their bodies are wrapped in cloth and placed in an ornate sarcophagus . What purposes they would have in mind that time would be irrelevant [banner_entry_middle]

because at present they did not only preserved history itself but they had imparted their culture to ordinary people as well

In the King Tutankhamun Exhibit , there were many ornate items on display that could generate the oohs ‘ and ahhs ‘ of all viewers . Often called the Boy King , two Englishmen Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon uncovered his tomb in 1924 and found gold-covered couches , statues chariots , musical instruments , chests , a throne , and much more . The Egyptians buried King Tut in a tomb carved into rocky cliffs . The cliffs were in an area we now call the Valley of the Kings . Many pharaohs or Egyptian kings , during King Tut ‘s time chose to be buried in hidden tombs in this valley . They didn ‘t want thieves to rob their graves Ancient Egyptians buried their pharaohs with everything from food and clothing to jewels and thrones . They believed these were all things the king would need in the afterlife , or life after death . Such treasures tempted thieves and often times been ravaged (National Geographic For Kids , 2006

Zahi Hawass of Egypt ‘s Supreme Council of Antiquities and an international team of radiologists , pathologists , and anatomists completed a comprehensive CT scan of the mummy of King Tutankhamen (who ruled 1333-23 BC . Hawass stated that contrary to what had been previously thought , there was no evidence that King Tut had been murdered . Although Tut was only 19 when he died , the team found no evidence of either a blow to the back of the head , which many believed to have been the cause of his demise , or any disease . The researchers noted that he may have broken his left femur shortly before his death but that the injury would not have been enough to kill him (Encyclopzhdia Britannica , 2006

But among the numerous ornaments , it is the Gilded Coffin of Tjuya that gained attention . Made of pure gold , the coffin appears to be mysterious because its eyes are supposed to ensure that no evil spirits would enter the pharaoh ‘s body . Some calling it a mask , this masterpiece is jeweler ‘s art , fitted closely over the head , shoulders and upper chest of the lady Tjuya – Tutankhamun ‘s supposed great-grandmother to preserve and echo her features for eternity . Tjuya wears a long wig and a broad collar of gold and glass . Her eyes are inlaid with obsidian and calcite and the cosmetic lines and eyebrows are inset in dark blue glass . Tjuya… [banner_entry_footer]

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