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Adaptation and Evolution

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Of the first one , I would first ask to formulate the difference between hypothesis and theory , beause the phrase “just ” a theory ” demonstrates clearly that there is a certain gap in this area . Once we had gotten in discussion to the point where it is understood that a theory requires evidence , I would move on to demonstrating the particularities of evolution . I would demonstrate the photos made of embryos at different stages of their development , and , indeed , emphasize that the evolution of different organisms went different ways , but point of the similarities [banner_entry_middle]

, as well – such as useless yold sacks in human embryos . I would also cite cases such as the infamous “Panda ‘s Thumb ” case as proof that evolution does not start over and , for instance , remodel all of the models that are less practical to more practical models . Also I would show different diagrams of the eye to demonstrate how some designs are better than others in the respect of evolution , but how they had stopped evolving once their function was fulfilled . If asked why certain features of organisms do not evolve independently , I would tell the students about Land and Fernald ‘s research into the evolution of light sensitivity in mollusks and the 65 cases of independent evolution . To summarize , I would explain that , yes , it is a theory , just as every single scientifical viewpoint we have . But it is the best one currently , and has not been proven wrong with the means we have today If they try to give proof against evolution , make them tough it out under scrutiny , and show them how difficult it is

The other I would ask to consider the matter of the time evolution takes . Even the smallest change takes time to implement across a population . That process may take thousands of years . Meanwhile , humans with their laissez-fair attitude towards the environment , are speeding up environmental processes that should take thousands of years by hundreds of time . What we are doing is , basically , depriving ourselves of time to make the necessary evolutionary changes . We certainly remind the dinosaurs , big and slow – quite possibly , too slow to adapt to the changes we ourselves make . We might have had a chance to adapt to the changes , had they gone slower . At this rate , we risk destroying not only ourselves , but much other life on the planet , reducing evolution to the baser forms , from which to start anew . Most human beings would not survive such a rapid “evolution , but those who would , would likely no longer be human – like so many other intermittent species that died out in the process … [banner_entry_footer]

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