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admission essay for University of california

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Admission Essay

I am going to pursue a course in international studies , focusing on economic and business areas of this field . I hope that this field will allow me to realize both my interest in international business and leadership potential

Being Korean , I decided to leave my own country in to explore the world ‘s diversity and to gain an international perspective by studying abroad . I am sure that by connecting with the outer world , our nation will gain a stronger competitive advantage . While at school , I had a fervent interest [banner_entry_middle]

in exploring the various possibilities to learn about the nature , climate , economy and culture of other countries . I was fascinated with looking at the various landscapes of out-of-the-way places and remote nooks . I think it is then that my interest in international studies began . Coupled with my interest in business and economics , I believe this interest will fuel my enthusiasm for my chosen field and help me become a better student

My interest in foreign cultures was also prompted by contacts with the multicultural community in the US . Los Angeles where I live now is an excellent place for learning about other cultures , and I now have a great number of friends coming from different ethnic backgrounds who have a life story different from my own . At the same time , we understand each other perfectly well and are always ready to accept discrepancies in our cultural viewpoints . I think a thorough understanding of other cultures is the way to foster tolerance

I would like to make a contribution to developing knowledge about Korea my potential to bring about change in this area is most vividly demonstrated by my community involvement . From 1999 to 2000 , I served as president of Ban-Po Korean church where I was directly responsible for dealing with new members . I was thrilled at this opportunity to help and accommodate new members in our welcoming church community and at the same time contribute to the development of Korean culture in our neighbourhood and the US at large

Overall , I believe my ability to bring knowledge about my nation to the classes and my active social position will help me to make a contribution to the program . I believe that after studying at University at California I will become a top professional in international studies able to make a difference in my further professional pursuits




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