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Admissions to Physical Therapy Graduate Program

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Admission to Physical Therapy Graduate Program

In all aspects of my life , perhaps the most significant inspiration that has shaped my life becoming the person I am today and gave me direction is experience itself who has taught me well . I had a tough childhood with my parents and my first marriage was unsuccessful . However , the outcome made me a stronger , more responsible and compassionate individual developing a heart for others in need . My loving and forgiving grandmother imparted to me values that have served as my guiding principles through the years [banner_entry_middle]

. I always give my best in everything I do no matter how insignificant that may be . I believe in the saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you because true happiness to me is caring for others . This is the very reason why I worked so hard to complete my education by all means despite many obstacles so that I could be of great service to many when I finished my graduate program

Pursuing my college education was quite a struggle . I have to joggle raising two boys and studies as well as financial resources . As a stay-home mother , I took initiatives to continue schooling whether on-line or on-site at Mountain State University and Chattahoochee Technical College maintaining very high marks . Due to lack of funds , I stopped during the fall of 2005 until April 2006 . With much dedication I moved on with my studies in May 2006 . I thought then that it was impossible but I did it because I was determined , committed and focused Currently , I am senior at Charter Oak State College finishing my undergraduate studies with a 3 .90 GPA at the same time doing my required 80-hour observation . Besides my family , realizing my education would be my other great accomplishment more so when I graduate from this program I am motivated to undertake this study because I believe that this is a good foundation to sharpen not only my intellectual purpose but my capabilities that will propel me to more achievements in life and a career in physical therapy

Ever since growing up I have uncovered my desire to help others probably because I have an outgoing personality . When I started college , I wanted to be psychologist . However , I have a neck problem that needed to be addressed through physical therapy . During my treatment , I just fell in love with whole process and like what I saw . The therapist was truly concerned about my pain and tried to make me strong and healthy again There were these exercise equipment that help the patients strengthen their weak areas . Fitness and health are part of me . I play golf once a week at the same time goes fishing , horseback riding and hiking . I joined the Country Music Marathon last April with a time of four hours and three minutes , which landed me at the top 7 overall and top 3 in the women ‘s . I feel that I am a healthy… [banner_entry_footer]

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