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Adult Attachment diss in Sexual Offenders

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Table of Contents

Introduction Purpose of the Research 2

Pedophilia : A Background 2

Review of Literature Broad Area of Study 3

Research Strategies Methodologies In Exploring this Area 5

Summary of Key Findings on Past Research 6

Strengths /Weaknesses of the Current Research on this Issue 7

The Research Hypothesis 8

References 9

The Introduction

Purpose of the research

A research on the of pedophiles as an adult attachment ‘ is an interesting and important subject since it has become [banner_entry_middle]

a major focus of psychiatry in recent years . Researches propagate several theories about the condition and risks of the `illness ‘ and how it can be effectively cured and treated . More importantly , people have questioned if in fact the condition could be effectively cured (Campo-Flores 2002

The lack of sufficient knowledge of people about the exact conditions behind the occurrence of pedophilia in the population has made studies really difficult . First , people who may have pedophilia have difficulty seeking treatment because of the negative impression and the social stigma that they may have to carry all throughout their lives (Cloud 2002 . Second , even if people who have the condition want to actually commit themselves into treatment , there is relatively a scarcity of institutions that would effectively handle such treatments . The lack of effective government recognition of the prevalence of the conditions has made treatment of those who are suffering from pedophilia quite scarce and difficult . Clinicians have argued that there seem to be some political barrier that would help the research on pedophilia gain government support (Campo-Flores 2002

Pedophilia : A Background

The issue of pedophilia has been almost unspeakable in our society . Just thinking about the realities of such acts would make anyone cringe just thinking about it . It has been portrayed to focus on acts within the Catholic Church . This kind of representation only makes people think of pedophilia as occurring only in religious institutions . This discounts the fact of the occurrence of pedophilia on diverse situations and demography (Campo-Flores 2002 . There is , for example a Chicago nurse molesting almost 18 child patients . There is also a social worker that molested nine children multiple times . In fact , the social worker even videotaped the sexual act (Cloud 2002 . These kinds of incidences show that indeed the occurrence of child sexual abuse perpetrated by adults could occur in practically any situation

Review of Literature

Kear-Colwell and Boer relates that the approaches in treating pedophiles leave much to be desired . The authors maintain that the process of confrontation during treatment may not be as therapeutic as possible . In fact , it can even be countertherapeutic requiring more supportive help especially in the beginning stages (Kear-Colwell and Boer 2000

Janssen ‘s (2002 ) describes the cultural variations in the developmental curricularization of eroticism ‘ The author mentions that Western eroticism in some ways are legitimised within peer subcultures instead of referring it within the family (Janssen , D .F . Oct . 2002

There are several treatment methods that are also being… [banner_entry_footer]

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