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Advanced Reiki Techniques

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Advanced Reiki Techniques


What is Reiki ? It is a Japanese word : universal (rei ) life force energy (ki ) and Westerners adopted this meaning and their translation of Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy (Honervogt , T 1998 ) The objective of Reiki is stated as that it works in tandem with your body /mind to bring balance and harmony to your being (Rebecca Dobnus

How did Reiki originate ? The justification of Reiki is rooted in 1970s discovery of the existence of [banner_entry_middle]

human energy system that made people believe that human beings are moving energy fields that react with other creatures . This discovery excited the Western world which then attempted the use of bioenergy for healing . In the USA this was resembled by the works of Dr Thelma Moss who confirmed through her researches that hands send energy to other hands and thus effect healing . On the other hand in Russia the Kilirian photographing method was used (Pat Cougar

Since then further researches on alternative medicine were conducted and professional bodies were established for the purpose and in 1994 a report by the title Alternative Medicine : Expanding Medical Horizons was available for everybody . Then eventually in 1995 a Reiki training Centre was established and researches on Reiki were published on a website (William Rand ) Later effect of Reiki on chronic illnesses was studied and patients receiving Reiki healing reported positive results (Letorre , 2005

How Reiki Healing Works

By providing relaxation and reduction of stress Reiki contributes to effecting harmony and balance to the body . In its basic form energy flows from the practitioner ‘s hand on to the recipient . Moreover Reiki has the effect of healing that is different to the traditional curing of symptoms . The healing in Reiki restores the greater wholeness and well being . It strives to restore us to our ideal “balance , emotionally physically and spiritually , thus enabling us to be the highest and truest expression of who we really are ‘ Reiki is described and defined in a number of versions by the practitioner , yet I find the following quote from `The Use of Reiki in Psychotherapy ‘ by Mary Ann Latorre a precise one

Reiki works to rebalance the vibrational field within mind and body although there is no agreed-upon theory on how it works or basic understanding for the mechanism of its action . Scientists , however , are beginning to explore the potential role that bioelectromagnetic fields have on physiological processes , making a connection that may eventually provide some theoretical underpinnings for Reiki and other touch therapies (Walleczek , 1995 , as cited in Latorre , 2005

It is also claimed that Keiki effects healing by achieving the flow of ki energy through the affected parts of the body , which while flowing breaks apart the blockages and negative energy . This then clears the energy pathways and allows a natural healthy flow of life force

Despite the fact Reiki originated in the east , today the scientists and doctors of the west are aware of its… [banner_entry_footer]

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