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Agile Software Development

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Agile Software Development


As a stakeholder of a software project , how does the following sound to you ? You can have releases as often as you like . The small number of defects is unprecedented . All of the features in the system are the most valuable ones to your business . At anytime , you have access to complete , accurate information as the status of any feature and of the quality of the system as a whole . The team developing your project works in an energized space with constant communication about the project . You [banner_entry_middle]

are not dependent on any one or even two programmers for the continued success of the project . If your needs change , the development team welcomes the change of direction . As a developer of a software project , how does the following sound to you ? No one estimates your tasks but you , period ! You always have access to a customer to clarify details about the features you are implementing . You are free (and required ) to clean up the code whenever necessary . You complete a project every two weeks . You can work in any part of the system that you wish . You can pick who will help you on any given task . You are not required to constantly work long hours (Sliwa , 2002

Does this sound too good to be true ? Teams are achieving these advantages using a relatively new set of software methodologies Collectively , they are referred to as Agile Software Development Methodologies . The most pervasive is Extreme Programming . This report introduces these exciting , popular , yet controversial new approaches to software development

Overview of Agile Software development

Characteristics and explanation

The last half-century has seen a dizzying progression of technical advancement in the areas of computer , software , and communications technology . With each advance came rapid changes in the way society works and lives . The impact of technology is increasingly pervasive Even as the current economic downturn limits capital investment innovators and entrepreneurs are pushing the limits in the areas of biotechnology and nanotechnology

Supporting all these advances is software running on some kind of computer . From the spreadsheets to anti-lock brakes to phones to toys logic that was once implemented in mechanics , circuitry , or pencil and paper is now a set of instructions controlling one or many computers These computers communicate with each other over networks ignorant to the limits of geography and even wires . The notion of a program running on a computer is largely a memory as the emergence of distributed computing models , most recently Web services , allows many different computers to participate in running ‘ a program or system to yield a given output (Sliwa , 2002

In this explosive environment , software professionals have the challenge to deliver a seemingly infinite backlog of software projects , while keeping abreast of the latest advances . The results are debatable at best . Survey after survey continues to confirm that most software projects fail against some measure of success . Most software developers have many more stories of failure than success . Given the friction and finger-pointing… [banner_entry_footer]

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