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Aids and Sexual Practices

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AIDS and Sexual Practice

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AIDS , the word in and of itself carries so many connotations . When a

heterosexual is diagnosed with AIDS , they immediately scramble to find some

explanation . AIDS to many people sounds dirty . Anyone who has contracted the

disease must be gay or promiscuous . When AIDS was first announced as an epidemic

there seemed to be a fear that was carried with it . It was similar to [banner_entry_middle]

the talk of the bird

flu ‘ today . Though it is now 25 years after the first diagnosed case in the United States

little seems to have really changed . We may have become a little desensitized , but

there still exists an aura , a sense of blame , a thought that the individual who has

contracted the disease has done something inappropriate

For many people , the diagnosis of AIDS , carries more than the physical

symptoms . It may mean the loss of a job , the loss of friends , the loss of life that exists

outside of their illness . It may mean being a target of hate groups It will certainly

change your life

As I right this , which was initially to support the fact that sexual practice

does in fact lead to the spread of AIDS , I am stunned , shocked , even saddened by the

lack of progress we have made in this country . In my research , I landed on a web

page , where the face of Matthew Shepherd is surrounded by flames Matthew Shepherd

is the young man who was beaten and drug behind a vehicle because he was gay

Below the picture was a caption that he should burn in hell where he belongs . The

picture made me shudder . The website made me sick . So how do I argue that a

person ‘s sexual practice and AIDS are synonymous ? In fact , unprotected sex may cause

the spread of AIDS . However , speaking of sexual practice ‘ and safe or unprotected sex

are two different things . Let ‘s go back to the beginning

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS ) was first recognized as a new

disease in the United States physicians began to see young homosexual men with

unusual diseases for young adults not known to be immunosuppressed Other reports

followed of a similar condition in drug users . For a short period of time , the new disease

was called gay-related immunodeficiency syndrome (GRIDS ( HYPERLINK “http /www .hivinsite .ucsh .edu ” www .hivinsite .ucsh .edu

What an unfortunate time to be a homosexual in America . This wasn ‘t something that

was going to be let go

In September of 1982 , a case definition was published , using the current designation of AIDS . During the early period of the diagnosis of AIDS it was the

prominence of homosexual men and injecting drug users that led the medical

community to believe that it was both blood borne and sexually transmitted

Over a period of fifteen years , the demographics of this disease changed . By

1996 , AIDS had become an… [banner_entry_footer]

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