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Aids, patient point of view and rehabilitation counselors perspective

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Twenty-nine-year -old Mrs . Helen Ashley has for several years heard about the prevalence and

universality of HIV /AIDS . She has verified popular opinions about this disease , and has , to the best

of her ability , observed every precaution she has learnt about . Of late however , she has been

afflicted with a strange kind of mouth thrush for which she cannot account

She consults with a pharmacist who prescribes her a set of drugs and assures her of their efficacy p [banner_entry_middle]

on the condition of regular observation of dosage . She experiences an improvement at the initial

stages before she notices deterioration . During this period , however she suffers from strange

unprecedented joint pains , recurrent feverish ill health , nightly sweats in quite temperate weather

conditions , and short breath after not-so-unusual physical exertions These symptoms give her very

anxious moments and urge her to re-visit the pharmacist . The pharmacist prescribes her fever

drugs , again urging their regularly use . This use is again in vain

The pains and fever persist , and the thrush grows worse , now spreading to her genitals . Alarmed

Mrs . Ashley frantically seeks medical attention from her seldom consulted doctor , Dr .Owen , who

engages her in a dialogue as follows

DR .OWEN : Mrs . Ashley , have you perchance had occasion to find out your HIV status

MRS ASHLEY : I ‘ve had no such occasion because I ‘ve had no cause (She is visibly excited

DR .OWEN : Calm down , Mrs . Ashley , I am not insinuating anything , but such a test is central to

several others demanded by your current condition . We will have take samples of your blood for the

series of laboratory tests , and then we will ask you to call here again in a day or two . But be rest

assured , Mrs . Ashley , this condition is nothing to get exercised about

Two days later , she re- calls at the hospital . She is made to feel completely at ease . Soon , she is presented with the results of the blood test , which reveals not a HIV-positive status , but the onset of AIDS Speechlessly startled , she breaks down in a cold sweat , with moans of muffled tears . The

doctor helps her to her feet and assures that her case is not past redemption . She is then referred to

a psychologist to whom she is asked to unburden all her secret fears . An understanding look greets

her from the middle-aged female psychologist who seats her down courteously and respectfully

PSYCHOLOGIST : Mrs .Ashley , let me start by assuring you that I am in your shoes , HIV

positive , too . From the test results , your CD4 count , a measure of your immune deficiency , is just

about 200 . That means your condition does not belong to the worst cases

MRS ASHLEY : But how , why , when me ? I have been faithful to my husband I am not promiscuous – my husband is not HIV positive – how on earth will I convince him . and just what a mess this ! What hell

The psychologist pacifies her , reminding… [banner_entry_footer]

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