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Al Qaeda Training Manual

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Al Qaeda Manual

Islamic governments have never and never will be established through peaceful solutions and cooperative councils . They are established as they have [always] been by pen and gun by word and bullet by tongue and teeth ‘ – Al Qaeda Manual ,

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The entry above is just but one excerpt in a recently recovered Al-Qaeda Training Manual . At first , the manual seems to be structured like any other military manual , as it is mainly divided into two sections that contain standard operating procedures (SOPs ) regarding the execution of a [banner_entry_middle]

typical military operation . But upon closer inspection the manual have revealed several plans and schemes that obviously employ terrorism as a means to achieve so-called peace . The recovery of the notorious training manual has since given counter-terrorist forces an edge over the fight against terrorism

The Al-Qaeda manual seems to be outdated and obsolete by modern standards and it also does not provide any obvious critical information about how world governments can counter their actions . But a quick review of the manual reveals a lot on how the terrorist group is structured , which in itself is a very vital piece of information that can help in suppressing Al-Qaeda ‘s terroristic actions

One good thing about the manual is that it gives information on how Al-Qaeda agents operate . For example , it details to an agent the process of counterfeiting money and forging documents . It also reveals the location of their key military bases , apartment hide-outs and modes of communications that they should use . However , the manual does not state the very nature of each training session and how an agent should acquire weapons . Furthermore , it does not detail safety protocol security espionage procedures and actions that agents should they if they are ever arrested and incarcerated . This shows that the organization has very little or has no concern at all for the welfare of its operatives

The Jihad ‘ or holy war ‘ is the main focus of the Al-Qaedan training manual . Al-Qaeda ‘s concept of Jihad is based upon the teachings of the Koran warped by blind fervor . They believe that all non-Muslims are their enemies and that they should be eradicated from the face of the Earth through any means possible : through the use of guns , bombs , poisons and any other destructive means . One of the passages of the Koran believed to have been and warped and taken very literally is known to be Allah ‘s for Jihad that reads : Against them , make ready your strength to the utmost power , including steeds of war , to strike terror into the (hearts of ) the enemies of Allah and your enemies , and others besides whom ye may not know , but whom Allah doth know . This statement further enforces the fact that Al-Qaeda is an Ideological movement bent on terrorism and global domination

Since the Al-Qaeda is an organization that has deeply-rooted ideologies world governments have seen that the terrorist organization is rather hard to relinquish their beliefs . The Al-Qaeda has proven to… [banner_entry_footer]

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