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Alaskan Aviation

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Alaskan Aviation

Table of Contents

I . Thesis statement

II . Challenging conditions of Alaska ‘s diverse environment

1 . Alaska ‘s geography

2 . Climate in Alaska

3 . Wildlife in Alaska

III . Characteristics , history and functions of Aviation in Alaska

1 . Military aircraft

2 . Civil aircraft

a ) Alaskan airlines

b ) Bush flying

IV . Ethics and leadership of Alaskan pilots

1 . Code of ethics in aviation

2 . What it takes to be a pilot in Alaska

V . Conclusion

VI . References I . Thesis statement

The Alaskan Aviation [banner_entry_middle]

‘ will provide with a thorough examination of aviation in the region of Alaska , employing the knowledge of the three main spheres : Alaskan environmental conditions , history of its aviation , and the ethics of flying . The Chapter I of the will outline the geographic characteristics and weather conditions which determined the functions and the influenced the evolution of Alaskan aviation . Then Chapter II will proceed to the study of the Alaskan aviation itself . Fist , the historical approach will be used to distinguish the development of the two main categories : military and civil aviation . Second , the history of the military aircraft will be given in a more general way , while the of civil aircraft will consist of the particular examples of the histories of Alaskan airlines , and bush flying . This difference in historical views on military and civil aircrafts is dictated by the thing that the detailed examination of the military aircraft branch is beyond the scope of the . And finally , the third chapter of the will focus on the personality of an Alaskan pilot , with the discussion of the conduct and character traits required by the ethics of flying and directed to overcome the difficulties of the profession . The main points and the findings of the will be summarized in the conclusion . The purpose of the study is to characterize the aviation in Alaska , to show its critical role for the region and to mention the challenges of the profession of a pilot II . Challenging conditions of Alaska ‘s diverse environment

1 . Alaska ‘s geography

The state of Alaska is the forty-ninth state , which entered the Union in 1959 . It is situated in the extreme northwest of the North American continent . Also Alaska is the largest peninsular in the Western Hemisphere . The and includes 15 , 000 square miles of inlets and fjords , 34 , 000 of intended tidal coastline and 6 ,600 miles of the coast that fronts the open sea (Encyclopaedia Britannica , 2004 ) On the north and northwest the land of Alaska bs the Arctic Ocean and on the west it is washed by the Bering Sea and the Bering Strait . The Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Alaska b the territory of the state on the south (Encyclopaedia Britannica , 2004 ) About 1 .150 miles of high mountains separate the state from the neighbouring British Columbia province and the Canadian Yukon Territory (Encyclopaedia Britannica , 2004 ) On the land of Alaska Mount McKinley , the highest peak of the North America , is situated . The height of… [banner_entry_footer]

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