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alien crop circles

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Alien Crop Circles

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1Crop Circles are our most mysterious phenomena of our modern age . Are they

a communication from alien beings or from humans ? Governments have discussed the

crop circles and have confused the population by misinformation through the control and

the manipulation of the popular media . The military have also endangered their life and

safety in to investigate and monitor each crop circle , and yet they deny all

involvement . Hollywood has manipulated the truth and credibility of scientific evidence

and facts and yet [banner_entry_middle]

people become even more intrigued Some believe crop circles are man-made created by hoaxers who set out to

confuse and muddy researched facts , the same way computer virus ‘s seek attention and

attempt to contaminate researched data . Others believe crop circles are a source of

communication by aliens . The crop circles can be seen as mankind ‘s view of human

passion and its vulnerability or a condensed version of humanity ‘s egos anger , and

peace . However , you might interpret crop circles , there is no denying the profound effect

it has on mankind these past decades

2Crop circles first appeared in the fields of Southern England , in the mid 70 ‘s

early crop circles appeared simple in fields of wheat , oat and barley The circles were

flattened , the corn stalks bent and flattened however not broken Whiltshire County is

considered the center of this phenomenon . The county is home to some sacred Neolith

sites in Europe , built as far back as 4 ,6000 , including Stonehenge Avebury , Silbury Hill

as well as burial grounds such as West Kennet Long Barrow

When the crop circles gained momentum formations were also found in

Australia , South Africa , China , Russia , and other countries most notably in close

Alien Crop Circles

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proximity of ancient sacred sites as well as the fields of Southern England . In 1991

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley stepped forward to claim responsibility for the crop

circles over the past 20 years , which began the battle between artists and other world

believers . Known as the Circlemakers , they consider their practice an art . Lundberg

estimates there are three or four dedicated crop circle operating in the United Kingdom

today . To combat the theory that the crop circles were carved out by mini-whirlwinds

crop artists were compelled to create more elaborate designs with straight lines to show

that the circles are not a natural phenomenon and are man-made

4 Opposing this theory are people who believe crop circles were created by

aliens and not by humans . This belief is considered as not plausible and to be used to

write science fiction stories . However , there is something to the formations of the crop

circles that may show that it could be plausible of alien designs . First of all there is

meteorite dust , magnetite , which comes from outer space . Secondly , are the usual

substances found in crop circles , which are not found on Earth . Thirdly there have been

crop circles that appear very extraterrestrial such as the one that… [banner_entry_footer]

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