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Alternative medicine: The Future Primary Healthcare

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Alternative Medicine

The Future of Primary Health care

Life is fraught with many kinds of dangers . There is a possibility of accidents even though great pains are taken to avoid one . There is also the inevitability of getting sick no matter how one tries to lead a healthy lifestyle . The last source of danger comes from something that could not be avoided and it is the weakening of the human body due to old age . Put all three together and it is easy to feel the burden of living . The only reason [banner_entry_middle]

why humans can go on with their daily routine is the assurance that there are medicines that can take care of these problems the moment they arise

Now , why is it that there is now a revolution that is happening in the medical field in general and pharmacology in particular .There seems to be a wider understanding on the true nature of some modern medicines – that they are sometimes merely masking the true problem and offer temporary solution rather than This study will look into the idea of alternative medicines , its definition and how it compares to modern medicines . There is only one question that needs to be answered and it is to find the answer as to why modern society must turn to alternative forms of medicine for their healthcare needs

Western Medicine vs . Alternative Medicine

Burton Goldberg describes conventional medicine or Western medicine as the world of , .medical doctors who rely on drugs and surgery to treat disease symptoms and who inadvertently align themselves with multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry (2002 . Aside from the use of invasive surgery and tools that removes diseased parts of the human body as well as treating specific problems areas , conventional medicine relies on drugs that usually are synthetic or made with laboratory designed chemicals . A more technical of how a drug created by the Western medicine philosophy , acts upon a human body was given by Eric Lien . In his book about drug design he wrote the following , To understand the mechanism of drug action at the molecular level , it is important to know the intermolecular forces that bind drugs to their receptors [ .] it is now generally accepted that most structurally specific drugs attach themselves to their receptors (Lien , 1987 An example of this process was given by Lien and he said , Captopril , a synthetic derivative of praline , is an oral antihypertensive based on the inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE ) [ .] preventing conversion of angiotensis I to angiotensin II and leading to its antihypertensive effect (1987

Based on the above statements it is easy to see why many advocates of alternative medicine are sounding the trumpet about the danger of using only conventional medicine because it seems to only cure the symptoms but has no way of treating the root of the problem (see personal . It is also no coincidence that the title of Eric Lien ‘s book shows two major concepts : drug design and side effects

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