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alternative medicine

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Alternative Medicine

The World Health Organization (WHO ) estimates that some three billion people worldwide use alternative medicine as a source of primary health care . In the United States , 74 percent of Americans prefer natural treatments wherein one out of three used unconventional medicine since 1991 . The growing demand of alternative medicine prompted almost one third of American medical schools to offer courses on the subject . In March 7 , 2000 , then US President William J . Clinton signed the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM ) Policy an executive that established [banner_entry_middle]

education and training for heath care personnel about CAM , research to promote CAM ‘s practices and products , and that information about CAM be made available to the public

The Term Alternative Medicines can be defined as A heterogeneous set of practices that are offered as an alternative to conventional medicines , for the preservation of health and the diagnosis and treatment of health-related problems (Institute , 2006 . It uses natural ingredients for treatment (a drugless cure , affordable , easy to prescribe and practice , and scientific-based evidence of permanent cures to seemingly incurable illnesses . The method improves mental , emotional and physical health as well as teaches proper nutritional supplements This medicine differs from the conventional type because it uses the power of nature to heal , its diagnosis focuses on the patient ‘s whole being (physical , mental , social , and spiritual aspects , the practice does no harm always taking the least harmful procedures to get the desired results , healing takes longer letting nature takes its course instead of drugs herbal and wholesome substances are used , and since the patient ‘s physical condition is not only cured but his develops a higher standard of health . The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (NCCAM ) categorized the practice into five : Alternative Medical Systems – uses complete system of practice and theory for treatment Mind-Body Interventions – enhances the mind ‘s capacity to cure bodily ailments and symptoms Biologically Based Therapies – treats patients with dietary supplements with herbal products and vitamins Manipulative and Body-Based Methods – moving one or more body parts such as massaging to promote relaxation and well-being and Energy Therapies – practitioners use biofield or bioelectromagnetic to control energy fields in penetrating the human body


This is one of the oldest forms of healing , a tradition known as Chinese medicine , and widely practiced by physicians in America Acupuncture involves stimulating specific anatomic points in the body for therapeutic purposes . It is believed that acupuncture works by correcting the balance of qi (vital energy ) in the body . Qi flows through the 12 major energy pathways called meridians , each linked to specific internal organs or organ systems and 365 to 2000 acupoints (Freeman Lawlis ,

. 311 , par . 4 . Scientifically studied , the technique uses needles to penetrate strategic points in the body manipulated by hands or electrical stimulation . The needles , made of metallic alloy , activate small nerve fibers in the muscle and stimulate the immune system . The central belief of this practice is that health is achieved by balancing the… [banner_entry_footer]

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