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Amazom .com



Introduction : Amazon .com – one the world ‘s largest e-retailers

Amazon .com as unique e-retailing model of J . Bezos : product , customer service and brand

Amazon ‘s business strategies – partnerships and alliances , technology and international activity

Amazon and current problems – ways for resolution


From Earth ‘s Biggest Bookstore ‘ to everything to everybody ‘ to Wall Mart of the Internet ‘ to World ‘s most customer-centric company , Amazon has been tagged with these kinds of labels by its customers and followers . The reason for these many labels [banner_entry_middle]

is because of the Amazon changing business model . Starting from Single-product and an intermediary with little inventory in 1995-1997 to Multi-product profit-making , customer-oriented , investor , Services provider in 2000 Amazon has been changing its business model according to market conditions . One indication of a smart company is to continuously change its business model it is an indication of smart company and ultimately the smart management team . It is also an indication that the company is learning and adopting itself to the external and internal environment

Amazon is the clear market leader for the largest US e-retailing categories of books , CDs and DVD movies . In various consumers ‘ polls when respondents are asked for their experiences of e-shopping , Amazon streaked ahead ‘ of all others as the world ‘s favorite e-retailer This means that Amazon is the undisputed favorite on considerations such as convenience , reliability and customer service . Amazon has achieved worldwide success and brand recognition due to paying attention to extensive offline advertising , which helped the company to become one of only three dot .com brands in the Interbrand world league table . It is an illustration of the power of branding that Amazon is the world ‘s top e-retailer

Before the dot .com downturn in the spring of 2000 , the word Internet keyed into what seemed pervasive optimism for a new century . It meant youth , new possibilities and an opportunity to break with traditional business and create new rules . However , in 2000 things drastically changed as many e-commerce start-ups failed to return expected profits and went bankrupt . After this came valuable lessons across e-commerce and evidence for incumbent retailers that factors such as having an established brand provide significant advantages in e-retail and play a part in customer loyalty and increased profit

Analysis of dot .com failures and comparison with traditional retailers in the same industry , for example eToys , which folded in 2000 and was subsequently bought by an established toy retailer , vs . Toys R Us , which successfully opened an e-retail channel through collaboration with Amazon , has revealed several advantages for the established retailer

Newcomers usually build their initial strategy on attracting new customers through aggressive marketing , brand-building and advertising which logically lead to massive expenses and cash shortages . Amazon however , has an existing customer base and can build on brand values that are already in place . Amazon ‘s marketing budgets allow the company to attempt new online projects or business lines , unlike many start-ups .Founder of Amazon .com , J . Bezos rejected the traditional model for… [banner_entry_footer]

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