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American History

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The Vietnam War is a conflict with Vietnamese against itself , North Vietnam or the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam , wherein the Americans got involved mistakenly and honorably (see Wikipedia ) It is an effort to unify Vietnam into a single state . But then it is considered as false and dishonest theory . As per John Pilger , this war is an invasion of Vietnam ‘s homeland and lives (see Global Issues ) It is by far the longest war in the century of America against North and South [banner_entry_middle]

of Vietnam

The Vietnam conflict with America is included in the Second Indochina dated 1954-1975 that grew out from the long conflict between France and Vietnam (see Wikipedia ) It is widely reflected in history and media that America lost this war because of the guerilla movement in Vietnam (see Global Issues ) It is also believed that America lost this war due to the contribution of media that is against it (see Global Issues

Actually , Vietnam approached US for assistance in building a nation from the Second Word War and mainly from French imperialism to achieved control for South Vietnam (see Global Issues ) It is believed that US supported Vietnam ‘s independence and determination . But then , US turned down the assistance that is why they turned to the other superpower at that time , the Soviet Union (see Global Issues ) Ho Chi Minh , communist leader , appealed to President Truman for assistance because Vietnamese wanted to pattern their constitution with the American government (see Global Issues ) But America declined to support their freedom and instead allied with the French . Vietnam was then forced to turn to China and the Soviet Union (see Global Issues

United States is believed to give support to South Vietnam . They deployed personnel and US military advisers in 1956 to be responsible for training the army of South Vietnam (see Global Issues ) President Nixon purpose was to strengthen South Vietnam . US declined to support North Vietnam due to their communist belief to which US is not partaking . They came to aid the regime in the South who were said to be attacked by the North Vietnamese (see Global Issues

The opposition said that America really lost the war . It is included in the criticism of the media . There are two most influential beliefs on why America lost this war . First , media undermined the military and political effort through media coverage , especially on television , in America (see Global Issues ) Second is that most of the journalists and broadcasters were against the war . It is on the whole of American media which resulted that war is a failed crusade (see Global Issues

It has been reported that South Vietnamese had taken up arms to defend their villages and homeland . The North Vietnam Government was not recognized by the United States and the reason why US declined to assist because it is believe to be improper ‘ to acknowledge such correspondence (see Global Issues

During the war , it is believed… [banner_entry_footer]

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