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american study gender and inequality

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Journal Entry 2 : Barbara Risman ‘s Ideology , Experience , Idenitity (e-reserve

1 . Into what 3 categories does Risman divide theories of children ‘s socialization

Based on the reading , Risman divided the theories of children ‘s socialization into three categories , namely (a ) self-gendering where proponents have argued that children play an active role in gender acquisition (b ) parent /adult-dominated structure where socialization of children is seen as a conduit of information from parent to child (c children-participation where it is believed that children are influenced not only by the adult world but also [banner_entry_middle]

by each other

2 . What did Risman learn about the ways in which both their parents ideologies and the children ‘s own experiences shaped the children ‘s conceptions of gender in the fair families ‘ she studied

In the study that was conducted , Risman learned that the children have imbibed the views of their respective parents that men and women are equal . However , the ideologies are lost when real-life experiences are brought forward . In the end , boys exuded masculine attitudes or personalities while the feminine way of thinking and acting prevailed with the girls . The study proved that while the children were raised in a family that holds sacred the concept of gender equality , children continue to depend on their respective life experiences for understanding the concept of gender . More importantly , Risman also found out that the children in the so-called fair families continued to grow happily and normally despite their families non-traditional view on gender equality

3 . What does Risman ‘s research contribute to your understanding of how children learn gender

In my opinion , Risman ‘s research is very helpful in the sense that we get to see the difference between children raised in traditional families and the so-called fair families . I also began to realize that while the family plays an important role in molding the children ‘s belief when it comes to understanding gender , society , in general , and the school , in particular , continues to remain very influential in defining gender differences , if any . As noted in the conclusion of the study , parents may have a strong influence on their children ‘s gender perspective but it would still take a collective social effort to have a change in the way society views gender equality… [banner_entry_footer]

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