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An Educational Counseling Research Proposal

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An Educational Counseling Research Proposal

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Educational counseling and guidance on the basis of the effects brought about by the media on the learner is essential in the proper development of personality and behavior . Due to the fact that learning process can be measured by the behavior exhibited by an individual , it can be considered as the main indication in the research conducted . The aim of the research [banner_entry_middle]

is to determine the possible effects of the entertainment media such as television and computers on the development of aggressive behavior of the learner . Upon the determination of such data seek possible methods of guidance . Effect can be studied based on the results of a quantitative educational research that covers 100 students 6 to 16 years old both male and female , undertaken through survey research Introduction

There are different ways of learning which can be used and applied in educational process . The knowledge on the effective learning techniques can be considered as an essential factor to be able to attain the goals of education . The different types of learning process guide the educators on the most effective ways of attaining the goals which is learning . Included in the types of learning techniques are the behavioral influences brought about by the different factors in the society

One of the most influential factors in the development of the learner is the media . In the behaviorist point of view in lined with the scientific study of Pavlov and Skinner that behavior is a measurable concept in learning process (Griffin , Holford , and Jarvis , 2003 . Thus on the perception of the effects of media on the learner , one of the ways in the determination of the influencing effects of the mass media is through the behavior being shown by the learner . This is similar to the target learning process . Anderson and Collins (1988 ) have pointed out that television has an impact not only in children ‘s pre-pubescent behavior but can also affect adolescent behavior

The main goal of the study is to determine the effects of the media on the behavior of the learner and ultimately present educational counseling methods suitable to manage behavioral problems that are developed , particularly aggressive behavior . There is growing concern regarding increasing aggression and violent behavior among children and adolescents this past decade and media is has been one of the factors being Juvenile delinquency has been increasing progressively not only in number but also in gravity (Snieckute , 2004

The shall be undertaken through the synergy of the library-based and the observation and experimental research that will focus on the effects of the media such as television and related information tools on the development of the different aspects of the personality of the individual . The research is in-lined with the possible behavioral problems that can be expressed by the individuals under study

The study of the development of aggressiveness and violent actions… [banner_entry_footer]

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