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an expirience you had as a tenager

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An experience you had as a Teenager

Adolescent was the term for me when I was still a teenager , this refers to the period of psychological and social transition between childhood and adulthood In common usage in western , English language countries “adolescent ” and “teenager . Adolescence is the transitional stage of human development in which a juvenile matures into an adult . This transition involves Biological and Social Changes . This could also include any Psychological changes in the part of the teenager (See Adolescence . Wikipedia , the Free Encyclopedia

I could say that what I [banner_entry_middle]

am now is the outcome of what I have been through during my teenage years . Those experiences I could say was not that easy for me and those travails I have been through were not that simple . We all have in our minds that as a teenager , we should always be enjoying life . We should be in party here and there . We never think of what will tomorrow bring for us because all we have in mind is just today . The happiness of what we feel at that very moment of our youth The impulsiveness in every actions and decisions that we will make

I am now 21 years of age and still a student particularly in nursing . I can say that I am very of a suspicious kind . A girl who is very much of a fighter than a martyr . A woman who is wiser and much wiser than I was before . I credit this to the experiences I had in my teenage years . What I am now was the great effect of one certain event that made a big breakthrough in my character

I was still 14 years old then and still a high school student at a known University . It was in this year when I met a guy . He was my classmate . He was my closest friend . We were very close at the point of him sleeping over at our house . But all of it was with no malice . We were seatmates also and every time we had quizzes we would see to it that both of us will pass and have high grades . We would giggle with laughter every time our teacher would announce our names in class . The teacher would say .and the topnotchers are ‘ and then would giggle . Smiling at the very best that we could . Sometimes I made a joke that if not of me my best friend would not also pass . My best friend wouldn ‘t want to be ashamed just because of my joke . So he also joked back at me and at the point of even yelling at my face in front of my other classmates . But knowing my buddy hadn ‘t made me mad of him just because of that . I could say that he was the greatest buddy I ever had He always supported me in everything and in every endeavor I was in . he would say ‘ bring home the Bacon buddy ‘ I admit… [banner_entry_footer]

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