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an issue you recently had with your friend

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An issue I recently had with my friend

Every time we have a family gathering in our house , informal debates are always part of the program . My family and I are delighted to involve talking about current issues especially that concerns the humanity ‘s welfare morals . It will start from simple talks and later become a big debate amongst our family members . It sounds funny but that is how we have our family gatherings . In fact , discussing current issues make our spirits alert and alive but if there is , our gathering will [banner_entry_middle]

become boring and seems incomplete . I personally really like exchanging ideas and point of views from others . Through them , I can learn many insights and know their position regarding the issue , whether they are pro or not . This kind of characteristic really runs in my veins . I am a kind of person that will truly stand for what I believe is right . I will never concede to a perverse beliefs and ideas

Even though I have this kind of attitude that like to debate even on simple issues , I do still have my friends that stick with . There are times that we argue on nonsense things that sometimes lead us to a fight . I can still remember one incident that I and one of my closest friends had a fight over on one issue and that is upholding the good morals . I know we have different views when it comes to that matter . She is quite liberated but I am a reserved and quite conservative type of person . So if we talked over on morality , our ideas always clash and it is not new to me at all . Yes , we are friends but I do not do what she does and she does not do what I do because of our opposite views when it comes to morality . The argument started when she confessed to me that she and her boyfriend had indulged into premarital sex several times . My initial reaction was shocked

I was not able to talk for a moment because of her confession to me . I was shocked with her confession not because the idea itself is new to me but because I was not expecting them do it . I trusted her boyfriend very much that he will not do anything wrong to my friend because I expect him as a person who wants my friend to be preserved even we are in this perilous times where our morals are already deteriorating . I am not against on the idea of having sex because it is a gift of God to be enjoyed by individuals specifically for the married people but doing it outside marriage is a very big no , no ‘ to me . And I don ‘t even say that I want her to be like me because I do believe on individualism . All I want to see is , she will learn how to respect her own self and not allowing anyone , not even her… [banner_entry_footer]

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