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Analyze tje subculture of the police department using sociological concepts

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Analysis of the Subculture of the Police Department using the sociological Concepts

17 Oct . 2006

Among the many inherent qualities of man is his ability as well as the need to form basic institution which fosters interactions and interrelations with other individuals . This interrelation becomes the very foundation with which man relates and connects with other individual to form a cluster of relationships that produces experiences necessary for his learning . Through communications , man forms a society in which he belong to , accepts inputs [banner_entry_middle]

of learning and responds accordingly . The interaction taking place in the organization that man creates plays a vital role in his quest to understand the complexities of other individuals , thus compounding language , preferences and various commonalities that defines their group . This group then operated according to their purpose and role to the greater community . In the law enforcement department , culture dictates their purpose to serve and protect , however it is inevitable that certain deviations occur forming another class of behavior and beliefs contrary to the greater culture which they are a part of . Oftentimes , this is because of age , religion sociopolitical background and several other factors affecting the prevalence of its occurrence such that form a division of majority and minority (Bilton et , al ,

. 670 . 1996

While culture defines the overall identity of the group , the subculture on the other hand defines the deviant behavior contrary to the greater majority . An example of a subcultures value that is deviant from the original culture in the police department would be police brutality wherein such would only occur In certain sectors of the department . An incident that is a concrete example was the beating of Rodney King in 1991 by Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department which immediately created a sociopolitical arena requiring a review of policing activities . Another example would be bribery and extortion which opposes the integrity of the entire department . To define values , these are the preferences that define the culture of the group which serves as the standards whether right or wrong , deserving or undeserving . These are basic and very general identifying character that helps distinguish a group from another . Skolnick explains there are “distinct cognitive tendencies ” in police as an occupational grouping . This analysis can be found similar among departments across the country and across the world (Skolnick , 1966

Norms on the other hand , are rules and expectations of conduct which either prescribes a given type of behavior , or forbids it (Elwell 1997 . In the law enforcement setting , an example of which includes skepticism or cynicism blue wall and blue curtain (Skolnick . 1966 . The policeman lies because lying becomes a routine way of managing legal impediments – whether to protect fellow officers or to compensate for what he views as limitations the courts have placed on his capacity to deal with criminals (Skolnick , 1997 . Blue wall is when a cop learns to back up the stories colleagues tell to superiors and investigators in turn he is confidant… [banner_entry_footer]

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