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Article Analysis

The article entitled Downside of Hip-Hop ‘ describes how the author McWhorter ‘s writing against the existence of a positive impact of Hip-Hop on the African American culture lives up to its thesis that Hip-Hop stunts the growth of African American culture development . The article first acknowledges the worldwide prevalence and influence of its subject matter . Positively , it introduces the argument in the first paragraph and presents John H . McWhorter as an author that negates the belief of the wider popular culture . The critic gives his kind of suspenseful and [banner_entry_middle]

dramatic style when he ends the first paragraph with . but the author John H . McWhorter is not one of them

The succeeding paragraphs details arguments that support what McWhorter believes in , his arguments , his assertions , his convictions backed by specific self-experiences . The tone of the article amidst all these points bs the persuasive as seen by the use of the word effective ‘ repeatedly seen in the whole article . The author attempts to balance the arguments by mentioning points that the pro-Hip Hop advocates believes in , that McWhorter refutes

All the examples mentioned were based on subjective and qualitative insights rather than on quantitative and measurable elements that could have helped the argument become more convincing . For example , statistics or objective measurements of violence due to Hip Hop activities may have made the arguments more asserting rather than using misogynistic violent , angry music ‘ terminologies

The author seems to be against African Americans as a whole because there is nowhere in the article mentioning positive cultural experience with the cultural sector . The African American Hip Hop group is so marked negative with a passion that lessens the articles goal of being more balance and unbiased

As a whole the article can stand as a critic on McWhorter ‘s convictions because the author of the article did not put his own judgments except for specifically saying that McWhorter effectively ‘ proved his point The word effective ‘ would clearly and instantly show the critic ‘s bias towards the author PAGE


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