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Anger the good and bad of it

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Anger the good and bad of it

The continuance and frequent fits of anger produce in the soul a propensity to be angry : which oftentimes ends in choler , bitterness , and moronity , when the mind becomes ulcerated , peevish , and querulous , and is wounded by the least occurrence ‘ Henry Ward Beecher

Anger is one of our natural emotions . It is an energy which takes charge of us when we are denied by circumstances or people from getting or achieving what we desire . Anger can be of different degrees . Distaste or displeasure can be called [banner_entry_middle]

mild while rage refers to an extensive level or degree of anger . Rage is often associated with loss of discipline as the person is incapable of remaining calm . Violence in the voice is often only the death rattle of reason in the throat ‘ John F . Boyes

Now anger can be triggered off by conflicts or threats or even injustice . Besides this , physical fatigue , pain , hunger , illness , sexual frustration and even certain drugs can be the cause of anger . It is observed that hormonal changes , menopause , giving birth etc . are also causes of anger . Some people are also genetically predisposed towards higher levels of anger . Thus we could be angry at a person or an event like a delayed flight or even angry at the remembrance of a traumatic situation which you underwent some time back

Anger is approached by different people in different ways . Some express it while others suppress it . Some even calm themselves down . Now expressing your anger may be good , but basically even if you are angry you have no right to hurt another human being and therefore we must try to get across the essence of what we want without hurting another . One must show respect to all even while asserting to them that we are angry

Suppressing our anger is another way of controlling it . We redirect our anger to something positive , but then this may lead to hypertension or depression as we have turned inward to ourselves . But calming ourselves is best because we have taken control of ourselves and our feelings To rule one ‘s anger is well to prevent it is better ‘ Tyron Edwards We view anger as destructive and something which can be used to hurt others , and therefore we view it as something wrong , which isn ‘t nice something which we would not like to associate ourselves with . But anger is not all bad . Yelling at others , of course , does not leave us feeling positive , but anger can also help us and teach us to live a happier , healthier life . It is useful and it is even healing . There is nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively ‘ Wayne Dyer . May be we even need our anger , maybe we haven ‘t yet learned how to express it in supportive ways . Anger helps us in the following ways

Anger helps in protection : When our loved ones are in danger , anger controls our mind so intensely that our mind… [banner_entry_footer]

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