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Controversial Television Programs

Controversial television programs are available through many mediums in today ‘s society . Globally , the ability to voice opinions has triggered the FCC to regulate some television programs from interfering with the minds of future generations . This motivation to corner these explicit television shows continue to influence the airing of unjustifiable programs affecting the behaviors of many viewers

Bansal , Monisha . New Survivor Brings Racial Segregation to Reality TV Cybercast News Service (25 August 2006 http /www .cnsnews .com /ViewCulture .asp ?Page

Culture /archive /200608 /CULa .html (07October 2006 [banner_entry_middle]

p This is an article from Cybercast News Service depicting a controversial television program Survivor ‘ that will segregate its newest contestants by race . Mychal Massie , national chairman of the conservative African American group Project 21 , comments his dismay with the producers ‘ support for the new series . Massie ‘s comments reflect his opinion of which the show may cause a distinction among its contestants to prove a point of one group being more adept than another ‘ The producers believe this attempt to divide by race , as it has divided by age and sex previously , will arise more interest in the show ‘s diversity . As Probst stated , It ‘s a social experiment like we ‘ve never tried before

Burgess , Adam . The Impact of the Wider Social and Institutional Environment on EMF Risk Perception Prepared for Workshop on EMF Risk Perception and Risk Communication : Tools , Experiences and Strategies , Ispra , 13th July 2004 (1 August 2004 http /forum .europa .eu .int /Public /irc /jrc /jrc_eis_emf /library ?l /meeting s

ispra_12-14_2004 /13th_july /ispra_burgessdoc /_EN_1 .0_ a d (07 October 2006

This is available through a Word .doc upload from its HTML on its page and through the search engine link . Dr . Burgess ‘ argument against U .K . posting towers among schools raises angry parents to protests against the EMF masts . He states that the health risks are not associated with the towers being placed around the city ‘s schools Statistics are documented throughout the review from his previous book Cellular Phones , Public Fears and a Culture of Precaution (Cambridge University Press , 2004 . His particular interest remains in the heart of the disturbed parents addressing the public officials of the dangers associated with towers near their children

Cass , Phillip . Not the perfect solution , but at least some hope Pacific Journalism Review (2006 April ) 12 (1 176-182 . HYPERLINK “http /www .lib .ncsu .edu :2067 ” http /www .lib .ncsu .edu :2067 ehost /results ?vid 2 hid

13 sid 126df85d-adf8-418e-b9d6-98067f2b8c6d 40SRCSM2 (07 October 2006

The Pacific Journalism Review focuses on Al Jareeza ‘s struggle to continue an open discussion through its Saudi-owned Orbit . Author Hugh Miles ‘ review consists of criticism regarding his book Al Jareeza that displays controversial issues regarding the Saudi-owned channel The Pacific Journalism Review comments on the books ability to anger the Middle Eastern countries . With that , Miles ‘ volumes do not have a bibliography of his references which causes issues for journalists interested in his claims . Al Jareeza ‘s current position is considered objective because viewers… [banner_entry_footer]

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