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Answer the following Exam Revision Questions

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Using specific examples from the history of psychology , describe how a priori beliefs influence our pursuit of knowledge , and how a priori assumptions of psychologist might influence his /her research . Discuss strategies for avoiding such influences

Using examples to discuss from the history of psychology , how our way of doing science has been shaped by the socio-political climate (May relate to Lecture 1

Critically discuss `science has been used to support existing social hierarchies

The history of psychology is the histories of human thought and conduct The psychological theories were [banner_entry_middle]

present from the time of Greeks in the shape of philosophy , such as epistemology , metaphysics and philosophy All societies in the worlds have some belief which is normally defined as mental state taking form from prepositional attitude , such attitude has also shaped the mind of scholar and philosopher , even when they propounded their theories . Belief is prepositional by nature and knowledge is defined as true belief or one justified belief that corresponds to reality derived from valid evidence and arguments however some beliefs despite all evidence cannot provide full picture of reality and the issue is still a controversy among social scientists (Encyclopedia of Psychology , 2006

The priori belief has been influencing mankind in the past and in the present as well . For example in The Bell Curve (1994 , the author has mentioned IQ as biological determinant factor . The author claims that IQ is related to poverty , lack of schooling , unemployment , divorce , poor parenting and crime etc . It has also been mentioned that certain races are biologically born inferior that means , no matter how hard they work there will be no change in their fate . The book has a long list of graphs and statistical data to confuse the readers and has not been reviewed by any well known scholar to check the claims of the author Similarly there is also a belief that women brain weigh less and men more , which makes men intellectually superior and brainier . However today women are successful in all kind of fields ranging from combat to nuclear psychics . Another assumption used to be that brains of eminent people should be bigger (larger ) than normal people , but the brains of Whitman was 1282 grams and Franz gall weighed 1198 grams , which proved wrong the assumption of bigger brains . Gould (1981 ) mentioned that a professional robe is not a certificate of genius , but some normal people can be found working at higher places

Alfred Binet (1959-1911 ) developed psychological tests . He had no faith on size of head and intelligence and his measurement showed that intelligence has nothing to do with head size and in some cases the result was contrary to the head size . But as he has a presumption , in some cases , the head size shrank . He believed that all children can improve regardless of their intelligence level

H .H Goddard who coined the term moron translated Binet tests to English He believed that intelligence was hereditary and governed by a single gene . Thus if… [banner_entry_footer]

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