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October 13th 2006 Anthrax


Anthrax is an acute transferable disease which is caused by the bacteria Bacillus anthracis and is particularly fatal in some forms . Robert Koch a German scientist first identified the bacteria that causes anthrax Anthrax most commonly occurs in wild and domestic animals but it can also occur in humans when they are exposed to infected animals , tissue from infected animals , or high concentration of anthrax spores . There are no known cases of infection spreading from human to [banner_entry_middle]

human . Anthrax can penetrate the human body through the intestines (ingestion , lungs (inhalation , or skin (cutaneous . Anthrax is non-contagious and is not likely to extend from person to person . The word anthrax is derived from the Greek word anthrakis , or “coal , in reference to the black skin laceration victims develops . There are 89 known strains of anthrax . The most widely recognized strain is the virulent Ames strain used in the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States


B . subtilis and its close relative ‘s B . anthracis (which causes anthrax and B . cereus (which causes food poisoning ) are an important source of industrial enzymes (e .g . amylases , proteases ) and much of the commercial interest in these bacteria arises from their capacity to secrete these enzymes at high concentrations . It has therefore been an organism of choice for the study of protein secretion and the production of commercially valuable proteins . Although B . subtilis itself is a safe microbe used , for instance , in the production of Natto , a traditional Japanese dish , it is also a very effective model for the study of diseases caused by its relatives


The anthrax predicament of 2001 rose controversial issues in the United States . Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic drug which is approved for treating patients suffering from anthrax and other bacteria . German drug TNC , Bayer AG holds the patent for Cipro (the brand name of ciprofloxacin ) in the US

Under the present TRIPs agreement of the WTO regime , it entails that no other drug company is permissible to commercially manufacture and sell the generic versions of this drug in the US until the Bayer patent expires , except under unexpected conditions which permits compulsory licensing and parallel importing . Cipro is not only one of the best selling antibiotic drugs in the world but it is also a mega profit earning drug for Bayer . In US alone , Bayer sold 1 .04 billion worth of Cipro in 1999 . Keeping in view the importance of this drug and the anthrax predicament which then assumed to get worse people started stocking up the drug Cipro . As the demand for the drug went up so did the prices , which allowed the drug ‘s patens owners Bayer to make a huge amount of money on the expense of public health


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