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Anthropology: Bed of Roses

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Anthropology : Bed of Roses Introduction

The history of Afghanistan , its inner political structure , religious peculiarities and social life together with foreign relations have been defined by its location . Afghanistan is situated at the crossroads of Central , West and South Asia . Despite its flourishing periods Afghanistan was not a truly independent state before the 20th century In the 19th century Afghanistan was between the might of Russia and Britain

Afghanistan ‘s historical situation remained the same due to its strategic geopolitical location and because of ambitions of great states who wanted [banner_entry_middle]

to keep the state under control . Very often Afghan people suffered from struggles of great states . The central government was unable to place efficient control over the country (Schreiber 1995 br

.67 . In 19th -20th centuries Russia extended its control over Central Asia , and Afghanistan was an essential part of the extension plan . The Afghanistan people always was afraid of the Soviet Union , however , the Afghans always wanted to get an advantage from relations with the Soviet Union

Moreover , the religion in Afghanistan plays a significant role in its history . The key role of Islam can be traced since Genghis Khan who could not `remove ‘ Islam . For two generations his inheritors accepted Islam and became Muslims (Schreiber 1995 ,


In Afghanistan the religion has always been an instrument of political might . Religious leaders were political leaders as well . The politics of neighboring countries was influenced by a Sunni dynasty , the Ghaznavids whose reign was an important event in the history of the country

From the 19th century to the present time Russia and the USA have involved Afghanistan into a political game . Afghanistan still remembers a well-known interference , invasions , American and the Soviet Occupation time , revolutions and a complete devastation . Afghanistan has been occupied several times in its history . However , the people have not been defeated and invaders have been repelled out of Afghanistan (Schreiber 1995 ,


This is about a famous book Bed of red flowers ‘ written by Nelofer Pazira . It is devoted to a peaceful time in the author ‘s native country Afghanistan . In the a special attention is paid to the events , political and social situations of the state and its religious peculiarities before the Second World War

2 . History of Afghanistan . Bed of Red Flowers ‘ by Nelofer Pazira

In truth , there is only one war . It is the struggle

between the power of good and the power of

evil in one ‘s own heart and soul

– Michael Bonesteel

The first novel Bed of Red Flowers ‘ written by Nelofer Pazira retells a story of pre-war Afghanistan . The book is focused on the pre-war events concerning her family

The major theme of Bed of Red Flowers ‘ is the importance of peace in the world . One cannot think about today ‘s events from the point of view of `good and bad ‘ things as the world consists of components of various colors . Indeed , it is a complex mixture of social , political and economical issues

Afghanistan… [banner_entry_footer]

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