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Antient Chinese Theater

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p Pg .1 Ancient Chinese Theater

The origin of Chinese drama is unknown . The birth year is only suggested and

disagreed upon by many people until a period of more than twenty-five centuries . The

reason for this difference of opinions is one writer refers to the pantomimic dances which

is mostly for religious worship or military happiness and are presented by musical

accompaniment , and dramatic production . Another writer may name the century of the

initial stage performance until festivals unite with speech in dramatic and historic

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. While another , which are called the anthropologist uses the physical trait

language and primitive tradition to find emotional agreement in the ceremony of ritual

of dramatic presentation

A nations drama is developed and is conceived by civic and national ceremony

The short-lived drama is usually born functioning . The tenacious Chinese drama did not

have a definite inception or a conclusion for any early writer to have reported even in a

country that subscribes to remarkable literary antiquity as well as the habit of noting

every find . The cult of the dead of Chinese drama was developed by absorption by the

support of succeeding emperors as well as corresponding coming together by the Chinese

people . Historians have written music existed in China in B .C . 5400 . In China ‘s Second

Dynasty called China ‘s Golden Age ‘ B .C . 2205-1766 historians wrote worship was

accompanied by music and dancing that represented the occupations of people of China

such as plowing and harvesting , War and peace with dances which represented the

illiustrated sensations of working , joy , fatigue , and content

Chinese theater , was said to be established by an emperor about B .C . 700

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and of that century applied themselves to the developing poetic drama

unfortunately , any literature that may have existed then has been destroyed by the

succeeding rulers of China . We find more of a definite historical record of drama in the

eighteenth century . The emperor Hsuan Tsang , or Ming Huang is commonly known

by a posthumous title . He established a school in the gardens of his palace to teach young

men and woman to the art of dancing and music

Ming Huang chose his court entertainers from this group . Modern actors

associate themselves with this early imperial school as well as call themselves members

of the college of the Pear Orchard . Ming Huang , is said to have performed on his own

stage . Today , he is known as the patron saint of actors . A statue of Ming Huang , with

burning essence before it can be seen in Chinese greenrooms

The plays performed in this century is sometimes called the first period of

Chinese drama focused on extraordinary themes and inspired the present heroic drama

The interest in the drama did not stretch further than the imperial court until the thirteenth

century . As far as historians know , drama as it exits today in China appears to have fallen

quietly into existence . Historian ‘s believe what happened in the thirteenth century was

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