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What Love Taught

The influence and impact that Love has imparted upon my life is phenomenal . I am not referring to being in love , the type of love that happens between a man and a woman . The love I speak of is far deeper than that . The love I am referring to is the genuine compassion one has for a fellow human being

Like most my age , as I began my [banner_entry_middle]

college career , I demanded independence from my parents . Asserting myself a little more than most , I chose a college nearly a thousand miles away and an apartment that was over an hour commute from school by public transportation . My parents took care of the out of state tuition charges . The rest of my living expenses were up to me to come up with . After a month of working three part time jobs daily , along with maintaining a full time course load , I realized that existing on two hours and thirty minutes of sleep per night could not continue much longer

A few mornings later as I sat at the bus stop waiting to be whisked away to school , an elderly lady beckoned me to move near her . Initially reluctant , I could not resist the urge to find out what this woman wanted to share with me . I imagined some tidbit of gossip would be conspiratorially exchanged or perhaps even one of the fresh muffins I noticed would be shared . Little did I know that an act of kindness , to be remembered a lifetime , was what this woman had to share

The woman opened the conversation by telling me that her husband of sixty one years had recently passed away . She reminisced for several minutes before the conversation took what I considered to be an odd turn . She had noticed that I was up quite early catching the bus that morning . In fact , she stated that she noticed I was up early every morning catching the bus . I wondered what her observation had to do with the price of tea in China . Then , as if reading my mind , the woman proceeded . She did not drive . She had never even attempted to drive . Her husband always made certain she got wherever she needed to go . With her husband gone , and her eyesight poor , any travel would be done via the bus . Therefore , she asserted , she did not need the automobile parked in front of her apartment . I was welcomed to it , free of charge . The only stipulation placed upon me was that I had to have a driver ‘s license and the ability to insure and register the vehicle in my own name

Had I heard correctly ? Perhaps I had heard correctly , but this woman was some sort of rambling lunatic . She seemed lucid enough , however , as she surrendered the vehicle ‘s signed title . When I queried as to how I might offer repayment , I was met with words that will surely resound for a lifetime : If you can help others , help . Always love others as you love yourself

That was quite some time ago . I left that university the following semester and headed home . I can still clearly remember the expression on the young homeless couple ‘s faces as I signed the car title over to them in front of the Greyhound Bus station . I often chuckle at their lack of understanding and appreciation for my Pay It Forward mentality that morning I left . I only hope that at some point the proverbial light came on

What I learned from that woman was that it is not all about me . Warren stated that life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment (17 . The kindness you display toward others often impacts their destiny . Making positive changes in the lives of others is the foundation of truly displaying love toward others

Cloud and Townsend state that love is something we all need ‘ from birth to death (79 . When people experience love , they are grateful for it . They give the gratitude back and attempt to do great tasks in life Cloud and Townsend ‘s research has shown that reaching out to others consistently brings about good (78

Mutual trust , respect , honor , and integrity are the foundation of true love . These things keep love nourished . In turn , each person to whom we show love is nourished and encouraged . When this happens , they are often motivated to become responsible people who own ‘ their life . Once people take ownership of their life , they often shift many of their paradigms . They begin to look toward themselves rather than others to bring success and happiness . Ultimately , the lesson I learned so long ago is that love truly does make the world a better place

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