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APA studies

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Asian Americans are defined as a population living in the U .S . who have Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry , in whole or in part , regardless of whether they were U .S .- or foreign-born , a U .S . citizen or not , length of residence , or in the U .S . legally or illegally . The following terms also mean the same thing : Asian American , Asian Pacific American (APA and Asian Pacific Islander (API . There are a lot of unique characteristics and differences within the diverse Asian American community . In examining their experience from the perspectives of [banner_entry_middle]

br historical consciousness , race , gender , class , and culture

this essay hopes to compare and contrast the transition from sojourner to immigrant of Filipino communities and Korean communities in the mainland and Hawaii

In the 1920s and 30s , thousands of young Filipinos traveled halfway across the world , in search for a better future for themselves and their families . By being the first large population of Filipino immigrants they were subject to blatant individual and structural racism that prevented them from succeeding socially , economically , and politically in the United States . The jobs available to them were either as dishwashers , busboys , and domestic workers in the cities as factory workers in the Alaskan canneries or as farm workers in the California valleys . Through their struggle , they made life better for those who came after them . Filipino farm workers in the valleys of California established a strong legacy of collective leadership , inter-ethnic solidarity , and fighting for workers ‘ rights . This legacy was passed on to later generations and had a lasting impact on Asian Pacific American labor organizing . On the other hand , Before World War II Korean-Americans were the smallest Asian community to settle in the United States . Immigration records indicate that about seven thousand Koreans immigrated to Hawaii between 1903 and 1905 . This wave of immigration was brought to a sudden end by the Japanese occupation of Korea . Further immigration was all but xistent until 1953 , which marked the end of the Korean War . After the war , two separate streams of Korean immigration took place . After being hardened through years of war in Korea , these immigrants felt determined to build better lives and thrive in their new settings

There are many similarities between Filipinos and Koreans as sojourners and later on as permanent settlers . For both , the primary motivation to become immigrants has been for the future success of their families Another similarity is the emphasis and importance of education . They both have high percent of immigrants who have college degrees . They sacrificed their white-collar professional careers in their countries to come to the U .S . for the advancement and future of their children . For both races , the preservation of culture and traditional values including work ethic , is integral to the Filipino and Korean immigrants As they grow in number , so does the challenge of preserving their cultural roots . The church is one of the main vehicles through which they hold on to their culture . These two races are predominantly church goers… [banner_entry_footer]

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