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Aquaculture of a tropical specie

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October 13 , 2006

I . Introduction

A Chinese philosopher once said that Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day , teach the man how to grow that fish and you feed him for life ‘ This Chinese proverb gives emphasis on labor and industry Indeed it is better to work rather than ask somebody for food . The same principle is applied in Aquaculture . Aquaculture focuses on the production of food rather than relying on somebody else for food . It is defined as the culture or farming [banner_entry_middle]

of aquatic animals and plants in fresh , brackish or marine environments under controlled or semi-controlled conditions ( Aquaculture ) It implies manipulation and intervention in the rearing process for the purpose of enhancing production . In aquaculture , aquatic organisms such as fish , mollusks or even crocodiles are reared , fed and protected from predators Historically speaking , it is said that the practice of aquaculture dates back to many centuries . There are records of fish farms in China dating back 3000 years and there are proof that the Romans cultured oysters in the second century BC and Mullet was cultivated by the ancient Egyptians ( Aquaculture

Individuals have in the past years taken so much interest in aquaculture in general . There are several reasons for this : a ) The first is our world ‘s increasing population b ) The second concern is the decreasing land area of the world c ) Another reason for the increase in interest in the field of aquaculture is the continued destruction of the seas which in effect reduces the aquatic creatures caught from it . This will focus on the aquaculture research on crocodiles . Crocodile breeding or farming is considered as the world ‘s solution to the problem of the extinction of crocodiles and the demand for high quality leather Compared to the other industries , such as pigs and poultry , crocodile farming is considered as still in its infant stage . Research shows that crocodile farming began in Queensland in 1969 with the establishment of a crocodile farm at the Edward River in the Gulf of Carpentaria ( Crocodile Farming : A General Overview ) The project initially started as a conservation program of saltwater and estuarine crocodiles and as a tourism program of the government to give employment to the locals . Eventually , the number of crocodiles increased to the point of exceeding the required number necessary for tourism . This had led to commercial farming

As an emerging industry , little is known about the crocodile breeding industry . Our knowledge and experience on crocodile breeding is yet to be improved and honed . Though it is still in its infancy , it is said that the crocodile breeding is rapidly progressing and closing in on the other industries such as poultry-raising . One thing is sure though that demand for crocodile skin and meat makes the industry a very promising one , to wit

Earnings from the industry have also grown significantly , from US 300 ,000 in 1980 to US 2 .6m in 1989 (Muir , 1994 . In 1991 , over 58 ,000 eggs… [banner_entry_footer]

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