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Aquaintance rape

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in human sexuality, social sciences

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Acquaintance Rape


According to the latest research Acquaintance rape is a sexual assault offense committed by somebody who knows the casualty . As a sexual attack offense , acquaintance rapes comprises compulsory , pressure or coerce sexual get in touch with . If somebody has enforced you to have sex , that is rape yet if you be familiar with the assailant


As stressful as rape may be for the woman sexually battered by an acquaintance , evenly unjust is the propensity [banner_entry_middle]

for some individuals to derogate and to diminish the victim of such an attack . In fastidious males were establish to be more likely than females to culpability a rape victim who knew her attacker . In adding up , a researchers report that previous acquaintance among a rape victim and her assailant interrelate with other variables to pressure peoples ‘ judgments concerning the raped woman (Acock , A . C ,2003 , 179-193

Gender Role Analysis

One clarification of this inclination for people to responsibility women for acquaintance rape derives from a gender role study . According to expert , women and men in the United States are back in a social environment that dictates exact sexual scripts for each gender . Women are socialized to suppress the phrase of their sexual desires and to limit their contribution in sexual activities . By difference , the customary sexual script for males encourages them to build up “sexual notches ” by participating in sex with as many partners as probable whether or not accompanied with familiarity and promise . This customary sexual script frequently leads men both to weight women for sex and to suppose that women ‘s confrontation to forced sexual performance is but token in nature

Acquaintance rape as Crime

According to the latest research , acquaintance rape , inside this customary sexual script , is merely an great form of in-script sexual deeds rather than a crime dedicated by spiritually harmful males . In addition , agreed that this customary sexual script represent women as exercise veto power over sexual relatives , a woman who is raped by an acquaintance is thus liable and held accountable for allowing the sexual attack to occur . Reliable with this gender role study are the findings that numerous people , also reared inside the similar culture that perpetuates these dysfunctional sexual scripts , quality better blame and liability to women raped by links vs . strangers (Aizenman , M , 2002 305-311 . Further research by analyst further directly provides proof reliable with the rape-supportive nature of the sexual scripts agreed by customary gender roles

The reason of the current study was to scrutinize further the gender role study of people ‘s tendencies both to culpability women raped by an acquaintance and to hold these women for myself accountable for the rape . Toward this end , we planned an study in which people were first secret as customary and nontraditional based on their responses to the attitude About Women Scale . Then these customary and nontraditional persons were asked to read and to react to a situation in which a woman was… [banner_entry_footer]

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