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Argument Evaluation

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Argument Evaluation

Deciding and evaluating the effectiveness and validity of an argument requires an analysis of its supporting premises . Whether or not an argument has a proof is not the only matter but also the weight and substantiality of its foundation must also be considered

Take for example the following arguments presented in the two articles entitled Clean Needles Benefit Society ‘ posted in the USA Today and Programs Don ‘t Make Sense ‘ by Peter B . Gemma Jr . that have contradictory conclusions against each other . The former presents arguments that support the [banner_entry_middle]

implementation of the needle exchange program by the government by presenting the positive effects it has while the latter contradicts this by enumerating its negative influences thus regarding it as an illogical solution

The first article explicitly stated its conclusion that needle exchange is an effective AIDS counterattack . To support this argument , the article also posted its premises before arriving to its conclusion Basing form the impressive data that they are able to gathered that the cases for new HIV infections were lessened by 33 , they were convinced that needle exchange program is indeed effective . In addition , the argument stated by the Federal Centers for Disease Controls gives out also a logical support to validity of the said conclusion . Thus , with implementation of those premises , this article presents is support for the said program

However , another articles post a contradictory conclusion that states that this program is more detrimental to the public because of the risk it posts which is supporting drug addiction within the society . They claimed that this program supports the actions of drug addict because they prefer more clean needles because it is easier to use thus increasing its availability will only increase addiction . They also argue that during the implementation of the program in some region cases of new drug addiction increases due to the program itself . They also contradict the other argument by saying that the inconclusive data that were gathered were no excuse to weaken federal substance-abuse laws . Thus they argue that the needle exchange is an illogical action because its detrimental effects outweigh its positive effects

By considering the arguments and conclusion presented by both view this writer ‘s opinion sides that of the second article due to the foundation and premises it presents . By analyzing the latter ‘s arguments and comparing that of with the former article , the writer finds the latter article ‘ argument to be more substantial because it was able to present its own views by tapping convincing data and was able to contradict that of the other article by using the former article ‘s own basis . Thus , the detrimental effects of needle exchange program , which is its unintended supplement for drug addiction , outweigh that of its positive results . Nevertheless , this opinion does not state the correctness of the arguments but merely an analysis of its basis and premises . Acquiring more facts and data might still make the first argument to be more convincing and effective that the second… [banner_entry_footer]

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