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Argument Validity

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Argument Validity

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Controversial Television programs

The concern for children exposed to violence or sex in media

is an old argument . Plato as well as poets of that time was accused of

telling unhealthy , immoral , stories to the young thereby corrupting

their minds . In modern times , moral pressure groups , and the FCC have

taken upon themselves to tell us what they deem as unacceptable by

censoring our television , radio , movies , and videos all in the name of

protecting our children from becoming violent or sexually active . It is

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to see this controversial issue of TV sex and violence and

children ‘s behavior in a broader sense , cultural and historical


It is a popular subject for academic research because it is

an convenient scapegoat for most politicians . The blaming of

television , video games , and books for unimaginable horrific real life

violence diverts the attention from other important issues , which need

to be addressed as well as changed . In other words the effects of

television can be exaggerated by the news

I am not saying that we should ignore the fact that TV does

feature sex , and violent behavior . One commenter stated the fact that

by the age of 14 the average American child has seen 11 ,000 murder on

TV (Harris , 1989 . However it is the type of programs , which matters

There is much more violence in cartoons than fictional programs , but

healthy children with parents who monitor their TV watching are known

to discriminate between what is cartoon violence and realistic


In conclusion , Seymour Feshback (1955 Feshbac Singer , 1971

has argued exposure to fantasy violence can have a cathartic effect on


children defusing latent aggression , thereby reducing the possibility

of acting out aggressively . A serious objection to this theory is the

content of TV programs may be partly responsible for any pent-up anger

in the first place . There is no doubt that TV characters enter

children ‘s dreams and nightmares , however I think they may also act as

a valuable role in the development of defenses against real or imagined

vulnerability . A second part to this theory is that watching violent

behavior on TV can decrease the levels of aggression , leaving children

less likely to act out in an aggressive manner -Works Cited-

By Chandler , Daniel Television Violence and Children ‘s Behavior-

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