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Art is a tool of showing ones creative ability . According from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that by its original and broadest definition , art is from the Latin ars which means skill ‘ or craft which is the product or process of the effective application of a body of knowledge , most often using a set of skills . This meaning is preserved in such phrases as Liberal arts ‘ and martial arts theless , in the modern use of the word , which have risen from prominence during Renaissance , art is commonly understood to be the [banner_entry_middle]

process or result of making material works or artworks which from concept to creation , adhere to the creative impulse that is , art is characterized from other works by being in large part unprompted by necessity by biological drive or by any undisciplined pursuit of recreation (See Art , From wikipedia , the free encyclopedia

The art of 20th century is express in impressionism through current issues . According to Kathleen Grisham that there are many stylistic categories and these are the Impressionism , Post Impressionism Divisionism , Proto-Expressionism , Art Nouveau , Fauvism , The Bridge , The Blue Rider , Pre-Cubism , Analytical Cubism , Synthetic Cubism , Futurism Neo-Platicism , Dadaism , The Metaphysical School , Naturalistic Surrealism , Abstract Expressionism- Action painting , Abstract Expressionism- Color Field Painting and Pop Art (See K . Grisham . 20th Century Art . Impressionism through current issues


Impressionism is a product of Positivist thinking as evidenced by the scientific examination of light . Impressionist ‘s recorded their individual perceptions of light and color . Impressionist paintings are suggestions of reality rather than a recreation or replica of reality object or scene in nature . Each work demonstrates the artists ‘ intuitive response to nature example is the transitory effect of light on water the natural properties of light (See K . Grisham . 20th Century Art Impressionism through current issues


Post-Impressionism follows Impressionism . The artists involved were influenced by Impressionism although their work shares few similarities Disinterested in recording light and color phenomena , Post-Impressionism is characterized by bright color , sharp , often outlined edges . In pursuit of individual goals , theories , and interests , they don ‘t work or exhibit together (See K . Grisham . 20th Century Art . Impressionism through current issues


Seurat is contemporary with Post-Impressionism and is best known for developing the concept he called Divisionism . Seurat employs a highly organized scientific approach to painting in which he uses reason and intellect to govern his choices instead of his intuition as would an Impressionist . Seurat believed that he achieved a balance between feeling and theory (See K . Grisham . 20th Century Art . Impressionism through current issues


Influenced by Impressionism and Post-Impressionism , Munch , Norwegian by birth , created a body of work focused on his personal sufferings and his very emotional response to the world around him . He was heavily influenced by Van Gogh (See K . Grisham . 20th Century Art Impressionism through current issues

Art Nouveau

Influenced by Post Impressionism , Art Nouveau , the New Art ‘ is an artistic style freed from all illusionists , symbolic or representational function . A decorative arts movement begun in part as a revolt… [banner_entry_footer]

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