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Art History

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The Human Figure in the Works of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin

There seems to be few professions , be it ancient or modern that can rival the prestige of being an artist . The ability to paint in the olden times as well as the present is very much envied by others and has the capacity to raise up the stature of a person like nothing else . The gift of being able to transfer into the canvass an imagery of feelings visions , experience and desires is a powerful creative force that is given [banner_entry_middle]

only to a few

In the words of Herschel Chipp in the sourcebook Theories of Modern Art , Painting is the most beautiful of all arts . In it , all sensations are condensed contemplating it , everyone can create a story at the will of his imaginations and – with a single glance – have his soul invaded by the most profound recollections no effort of memory everything is summed up in one instant (61

The above-mentioned statements about painting speaks volumes and in fact explains the hypnotic effect and attraction between collectors art aficionados and students to great works such as those that hang in the world renowned museums of Europe and America

It is therefore amazing to realize that there are those who not only learned the fine art of painting but was able to transcend beyond the level of the best of the best . There are a few , whose talents and skills are almost inapproachable by mere mortals . To them the world bestows the honor of the title masters

To this illustrious rank , a few must be mentioned and it is not surprising that the world would address them on a first-name basis Leonardo , Michelangelo , Raphael and Donatelo . This must not be misunderstood as a being irreverent but on the contrary a gesture of deep respect Modern Artists

The painters whose works are priceless like the Mona Lisa and the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel were created by the old masters . But in recent history , one that is less than 200 years old , a new breed of masters have redefined the meaning of art and painting . These men defined the concept of modern art

Those that belong to this illustrious rank are artists whose productive lives can be traced back as early as the late quarter of the 19th century up to the 1st half of the 20th century . To mention a few they are Paul Gauguin , Vincent Van Gogh , Cezanne , Picasso etc

If the works of Leonardo and Michelangelo are priceless , these modern works by these company men come with a price tag and a very hefty one at that . This is a testament perhaps to the modernity of the age

The Human Figure

The focus of this is an investigation of figurative art specifically those that deals with human figures or human beings as the object of the painting or artwork . By way of introduction as a backdrop for this study it is important to mention… [banner_entry_footer]

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