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Notwithstanding the dominance of Hollywood in international cinema , the exchange of images , visions , and stories across different cultures exist to this day . With the rise in international presence of various film outfits coming from different parts of the world , ideas can be communicated globally in ways that were not possible before the inception of film

3 . How has the development of new technologies like photography , video cameras , and computers affected art ? Consider questions like : Has technology changed the criteria we use to judge art ? Has it expanded the audiences for art [banner_entry_middle]

? Has it changed the criteria for who can be an artist ? Technology has indeed changed how we judge and perceive art . The incredible advancements in computers has made extremely complex intricate , and beautiful (digital ) art commonplace , and may have raised the general populations expectations of what is perceived to be “good art . Technology has also allowed art to become widely and quickly disseminated (particularly through television and the Internet , instead of having to be viewed at one physical location . This same technology has also allowed persons from all over the world to share and discuss their views about art . On the same token , this has also altered our perception of what it takes to be an artist . When in the old days , the definition of an artwork can be compartmentalized within a particular set of criteria , technology has broken many barriers and introduced countless other ways for artistic expression , hence , the word artist cannot be defined within a limited set of rules . These developments certainly have impacted the way art is perceived , and has changed the nature of art itself

4 . In your own words , explain the status that drawing has held throughout history

The concept of “drawing ” covers a wide range of artistic forms of expression , but can… [banner_entry_footer]

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