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Article Essay


Article Essay

Explorations of computer-mediated communication as compared to face-to-face communication are an oft discussed in both disciplinary journals as well as the mainstream media . Steven Johnson (2006 ) presents his position in the Time published piece , Don ‘t fear the digital ‘ in which he explores how young peoples ‘ time spent online actually accents their real-world experiences— both in the present and in their future . An academic-based , peer-reviewed piece by scholar Prashant Bordia (1997 , Face-to-face versus computer-mediated communication : A synthesis of the experimental literature ‘ focuses too , on [banner_entry_middle]

the face-to-face versus online debate . In this piece , however the author presents evidence to suggest that the two media computer-mediated and face-to-face , show little cross-over and , in fact are two fairly isolated means of communication in which individuals typically demonstrate two distinct bodies of communication behaviors

In the piece intended for general audiences , the author describes the phenomenon of the Internet , as it relates to the youth of today , in a relaxed and friendly manner . In fact , he appears , even , to be addressing his audience as though everyone is on a first name basis . As he carefully describes the most common uses for computers in the world of today ‘s youth , he supports his arguments with some specific examples that are common to almost everyone in today ‘s technology-infused culture . The kids are blogging and working on their Myspace pros Johnson reveals . Also , they are creating sites in which to proclaim their views on favorite celebrities and devoting countless hours to gaming . His s of the Internet today are colorful and chipper

In the academic piece , however , the author does not present arguments in such a sunny light and , in fact , the wording is fairly technical and heavy . Bordia reveals findings from an analysis of the body of literature on the of computer-mediated communication . No specific online activities are included and , because of this , the article seems as though it would most certainly be less appealing to the average person . In reading this piece , there are no relatable anecdotal components or even any references to the world of the Internet as average people would see it . In comparing this piece to the mainstream article , the academic nuance of the journal-based selection stands out strongly for the contrasting language styles used in each

Regarding the overall purpose for the mainstream piece , Johnson appears to be making a case for computer-mediated communication in the world of today ‘s youth . He lists many of the ways in which online activities are beneficial and consistently makes declarations against warnings that computer use could be stifling real world communication for those young people who frequent the Internet . Johnson (2006 ) claims that computer use actually accents real world living because it causes the users to build and maintain extensive social networks crossing both virtual and real-world environments (p . 39 . From this author ‘s point of view computer-mediated communication and face-to-face communication are seen as two separate forms of message exchange— but two separate forms that… [banner_entry_footer]

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