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Article Review (Will fax article)

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Article Review

The article entitled The History of a Hoax ‘ by Barry O ‘Neill alerts the audience to the unpleasant truth that facts trumpeted by the media may be a far cry from reality and lack scientific substantiation . It is a little scary to realize that the information coming from most reputable bodies , including state organs may be derived from an undistinguishable source that has credibility only by chance . Yet the author very convincingly reports his own effort at collecting quotations of a list of school problems compiled by a single individual [banner_entry_middle]

who had no acquaintance whatsoever with sociological or any other kind of research This article indeed makes one pause and reassess things coming from TV screens and news pages

The hoax centers on two lists of school problems , one describing these problems in the 1940s and the other related to the 1980s . The author first saw the notorious lists on Yale Bulletin Board and was amazed at the scope of problems in different eras . The troubles of teachers of the 1940s seemed mild and innocent , much in the vein of working with children in their formative years : talking and chewing gum made the top of the list , with other problems ranging from getting out of turn in line to not putting in wastebaskets (O ‘Neill , 46 . After looking through the list of problems after 40 years , one could conclude that allowing gum had a disastrous effect on the younger generation . The new list looked like a report of offenses in some lighter kind of prison where criminals were allowed to interact freely , including drug abuse alcohol abuse , pregnancy , suicide , rape , robbery and assault (O ‘Neill 46

O ‘Neill undertook serious efforts before he was able to find the source of these miraculous lists that by that time had migrated from one article to another and surfaced in speeches of education dignitaries The person who had authored them turned out to be a Christian fundamentalist , a certain T . Cullen Davis , who had used the opportunity to push his religious agenda to the audience in this peculiar way . The lists had no scholarly background at all . The first was a recollection from his childhood years , the second was based on news sources . We all are aware just how reliable news writing can be . In fact these lists were just refleeting the public opinion back to the public (O ‘Neill , 49

The most curious part of the issue is not the atrocities listed in Davis ‘s writings or lack of validation , it is the zest with which the press and officials took to the list and began to circulate them . The organizations and person who at different persons reproduced the lists include , but are not limited to CBS News , Wall Street Journal International Herald Tribune , the Fullerton Police , the Califonia Department of Education , Derek Bok (a former Harvard President ) and William Bennett (former Secretary of Education . Over the time , the ing of offences varied according to shifts in public opinion… [banner_entry_footer]

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