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Article review (will Fax)

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Article Review

The article entitled A Harvard Roundtable ‘ presents opinions given in a discussion on the issues in contemporary US higher education involving six university professors and administrators . The primary attraction of the article is that these views come from people with first-hand experience in higher education , those can now make decisions that will affect the future of research universities , and so acquaintance with their perspectives allows more or less valuable insights into the shape of universities 10 , 20 or even 50 years from now . The debate encompasses the majority of [banner_entry_middle]

burning issues – the relevance of traditional university functions , the role of universities in societies , the importance of economic benefits from their functioning , trade-off between breadth of education and vocationalism , sources of funding and their effect on the work of a university , rights and regulations governing faculty activities and so on

The article touches upon the issue that has always engaged my mind – the successful combination of several functions in one institution . In the words of Albert Carnesale , Chancellor of the University of Los Angeles the research university has a three-part mission – education research , and public service – and it does all three in an integrated way ( A Harvard Roundtable ,

.1 . On my part , I admire the way American universities can cope with all three tasks on a decent level with some specific institutions excelling in all three , but I still doubt that an individual person , such as a faculty member can be as proficient in all the three realms . Leaving aside the public service (since preparation of qualified professionals can also be attributed to this function , doing research and teaching seem as different to me as singing and dancing . A good singer will not necessarily be a great dancer , and vice versa . Similarly , a professor who can make a remarkable contribution to the field of research will not always be a superior teacher since communication with the audience takes a different personality and a different set of skills . In fact , relatively few people can boast a capacity for both spending hours digging in books and performing meticulous analysis of facts and organizing a memorable show that will impress new ideas and concepts on students ‘ minds in an easy relaxed and enjoyable manner (such as an ideal class has to be , at least in students ‘ dreams

There is no doubt that universities , as one participant of the discussion stated , have become more consumer-oriented , thus more eager to attend to the needs of the students instead of treating them as a mere complement to the research process , contributing by asking the right questions to stimulate the research process to go in the right direction . Some of my acquaintances employed as university professors shared with me that they feel pressured to keep up with their research since the university management is interested in it , and their job opportunities are close connected with the amount of research they do . I may be exaggerating here , but it feels like universities are to some extent… [banner_entry_footer]

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