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Artificial Nutrition & Hydration

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God , since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person . In 1999 , Pope John Paul II again spoke out against death by the hands of doctors (Sabelko , 1999

Till to-date , most countries of the world including United States retain restrictions on some of the forms of euthanasia . Debate however continues unabated . The issue is intricate and thought-provoking . If taking a person ‘s life under suffering from unbearable pain is unethical then keeping the same person alive is inhumane . Both the sides have strong arguments . This essay will scrutinize [banner_entry_middle]

arguments of both the sides while focusing on negative effects of legalizing active euthanasia Various aspects related to the issue encompassing viewpoint of both the sides are covered in subsequent paragraphs

Mitigation of suffering through the purposeful destruction of the life of the sufferer is clearly contrary to the religious concept of the respect for life . It is said that in the Netherlands as many as one sixth of all deaths are attributable to euthanasia . In 1986 the Council of Ethical and Judicial Affairs of the American Medical Association stated that “it is not unethical to discontinue all means of life-prolonging medical treatment ” for patients in irreversible comas

A patient in the persistent vegetative state is not in a terminal condition , since nutrition and hydration and ordinary care will allow him to live for years . It is only if that care is taken away that the patient will die . So it is the removal of the nutrition and hydration that brings about the death . This is euthanasia by omission rather than by positive lethal action . It is morally wrong to take these extreme cases and make them the norm for all cases of persistent vegetative state patients , when treatment will allow that patient to continue to live without… [banner_entry_footer]

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