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Assessment Interpretation

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1 . Identify which students will need to be retaught the math content

As far as assessing the sample worksheet is concerned with regards to the overall performance of each student , it appears that students 2 and 1 will need to go over the math content once again . While they were able to provide solutions , there are still some procedures that they are not fully acquainted with and the system of arriving at the solutions is evidently not clear . This is supported by the fact that they are poorly explaining the solutions that they [banner_entry_middle]

arrived at , proof that full capacity knowledge of the subject has not been properly arrived at

2 . Mathematical Strengths

Computations . The overall logic on how the students are able to grasp the lecture and at hand has been satisfied , owing to the fact that they are able to provide solutions to the assigned problems to them . The formulas provided for are good guides , helping each student identify which units should be substituted on them

Comprehension . The students are able to properly provide the necessary justification as to how they came up with the said answers using the formulas supplied to them . This shows how well the student is able to understand how such calculations were done and being able to come up with the solution being asked

3 . Mathematical Weaknesses

Proper Definition of Formula Components . The ability for students to identify and follow the formulas in the way they should be is not as complete with the students who listen attentively . A reason for this is perhaps that they are not visually close to the professor hence resorting to shortcuts for the problem

Inconsistency for Final Answer / Output . The way that the answers that were derived and how the format to which they should be presented are not clear for the student . This is evident in the comparison of final answers , where technically , their number are correct , but the metric representation was not consistent PAGE

Assessment Interpretation

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