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Assessment of Practice

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i .Running Head : Assessment of Practice

Assessment of Practice

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Key words : hospital stay , NHS budget crisis , budget deficit


Shorter hospital stay is becoming a norm in secondary health care delivery . Despite the practical and scientific rationale behind this practice , many cannot allay their fears of an eroding health care service while the NHS is currently under a huge budget deficit . Many jobs were already lost . Many hospitals are being closed . As the NHS trusts ran out of options [banner_entry_middle]

to curtail an even larger deficit at the end of the year , questions are being raised regarding the quality of health care is already being jeopardized . Even with the assurance from the NHS that any measure which will impact patient care will be the last resort the increasing pressure on acute hospital beds may be a testament that they are down to that last option , which entails compromising patient care . However , before any objection is made on shorter hospital stay policies , careful study is needed on its advantage and disadvantages whether it has any detrimental effect on the patients and the health care providers . A thorough assessment is necessary in to arrive at a better position on policies advocating shorter hospital stays

Assessment of Practice

With the recent budget crisis in the NHS , there has been an increasing pressure in shortening the length of hospital stay . Compared to the ?140m deficit in 2004 (Meike 2005 , last year ‘s net deficit rose to ?250 million (NHS . Despite cuts in hospital wards and operating theatres last year , as of March 2006 , 4000 job losses have been reported as a consequence of the growing financial crisis . Andrew Lansley , the shadow health secretary , forecast more job losses to reach 15 ,000-25 ,000 at the end of the year with the deficit reaching ?750m (Carvel Woodward 2006 . As policy makers frantically search for long term solution to the problem , a call for shorter hospital stay has been sought as an immediate remedy to cut further deficits . This added pressure warrants careful evaluation of existing studies involving early discharge to assess the const-effectiveness of shorter hospital stays . Special attention should also be given on the social implications following shorter length of hospital stay particularly on its impact to the community as a result of the added role of families and primary health care providers to patient care . Issues and concerns should be identified and addressed in to achieve the proper guidelines to ensure the maintenance of excellent health care service to the community Structure of health care service

There are three separate trusts that comprise the framework of health care service in the England . Each trust delivers a specific health care to a target population . The Primary Care Trust provides community based health services including nursing services , general practitioner services and health visitor services (Hitchins Cliff 2003 . Acute National Health Service Trusts provide secondary health care – that is in-patient acute care and specialist diagnostic and… [banner_entry_footer]

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